Hello Kitty Sitings At Barnes And Nobles

I spent several hours today at the local Barnes and Nobles. I went out there because I wanted to see if they had any new design books. To my disappointment, there wasn’t a very good selection… So I wondered off into the children’s section to see if there were any Hello Kitty books. I didn’t find any (very strange) but I came across a few Hello Kitty products, such as these cute Hello Kitty bookmarks — she loves to read!

Hello Kitty Bookmarks At Barnes And Nobles

A Hello Kitty backpack — the compartment you carry stuff in is behind her head. And although she has a big head, there isn’t that much room to put anything in there… I find that kinda funny and mean at the same time.

Hello Kitty Backpack At Barnes And Nobles

And Hello Kitty cards, of course… They are blank inside… But hey, Kitty loves to read a good book.

Hello Kitty Cards At Barnes And Nobles

  • JOii

    Ms. Hello Kitty…. I miss u.

    May I request a hello kitty in Puroland desktop wallpaper for the month of July?

    hehehehe :)