Hello Kitty Window Display at Sanrio, Northridge

Thursday’s Northridge Mall Trip (Hello Kitty Sitings) Part 3

When I was at the mall, I was a little surprised to find that the Sanrio shop moved. I believe it is in a smaller space too. Anyway, here is the entrance of the Sanrio store inside the Northridge Fashion Center.

Sanrio Northridge

There is always some type of cute window display that changes with whatever product that store is pushing.

Hello Kitty Window Display at Sanrio, Northridge

There was a promotion going on, in which if the customer spends at least $25.00, for the low low price of $10.00, you can also get this adorable little Dandelion Kitty to welcome in Spring.

Hello Kitty Window Display at Sanrio, Northridge

I want this giant Hello Kitty gumball machine… or maybe I can buy a plain giant gumball machine and make some Hello Kitty decals and stick them on?

Hello Kitty Giant Gumball Machine at Sanrio, Northridge

The Hello Kitty plushies wall… Every Sanrio shop has one…

Hello Kitty Plushies at Sanrio, Northridge

Hello Kitty Plushies at Sanrio, Northridge

Hello Kitty dressed up in a panda outfit — Kawaii!

Hello Kitty Plushies at Sanrio, Northridge

I am not sure what it is, but for some reason, I can tell the difference between Hello Kitty clothing sold inside the Sanrio shops and elsewhere. Like these look different from the ones sold at Target or Wet Seal, for example.

Hello Kitty Tees and Tanks at Sanrio, Northridge

Hello Kitty swimming goggles! I sooooo want these!

Hello Kitty Swimming Goggles at Sanrio, Northridge

Cute key caps — I used to have the piggy one on the top right… But then I lost it…

Hello Kitty Key Caps at Sanrio, Northridge

So after spending at least thirty minutes in that store, I walked away with a cute Hello Kitty pink Easter bunny plushie…

Hello Kitty Easter Bunny Plushie

Check out the cute details on her little booty…

Hello Kitty Easter Bunny Plushie (Back Detail)

And I am happy to say that I got it on sale, and the cashier even gave me the stamps for a sale item (which I guess she is not normally supposed to do)…

Hello Kitty Easter Bunny Plushie on Sale

I also bought a pen, hi-lighter and two key chains — Hello Kitty is dressed up as a strawberry and on the back, there is a small mirror and Hello Kitty nail clipper… I also bought a Hello Kitty devil tin case filled with hot cinnamon candy from Sidecca…

My Hello Kitty Purchases at Northridge Fashion Center

I didn’t go crazy with the shopping and I am happy to report that I got out of that mall without too much damage to my wallet. Thank goodness!

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  • that easter bunny is cute

  • JOii

    that hello kitty demon box is super cute 🙂

  • Heey !

    its my favoriite :]
    i love that clothes ! and candy and everything !
    in what country is this shop ?
    :] :*

    -tinna Hello Kitty Faan x]

  • It is in the United States… California… Northridge… Easy to get to if you ever visit Socal! 🙂

  • Panda

    I love the hello kitty panda doll. I can’t find any stores where I live that sell are selling them and all the dolls that I find on ebay just don’t look right. Can you tell me a way I can find one? (I don’t live anywhere close to CA)

  • What did we do before we had Hello Kitty Stores?

    Hello Kitty Bedding