Cute Cute Cute! Sanrio DIY Crafts

I remember seeing this site a long time ago — Sanrio DIY Crafts. I even downloaded a lot of the free cross-stitch patterns. I think I really like the Sanrio Rainbow pattern…

Sanrio Cross-Stitch Pattern

Pochacco, Chococat, Badtz Maru, Hello Kitty and My Melody! Ooooh-la-la! (=^-^=) So I think I will start on it right after I am finished with my Mother’s Day flowers. Hopefully, I will finish it (I have a habit of starting things and never completing them).

Author: hellokittyjunkie

I am a graphic designer and blogger. I enjoy kawaii things from Japan, Zumba and all things Hello Kitty.

18 thoughts on “Cute Cute Cute! Sanrio DIY Crafts”

  1. Do you still have the upload's of the patterns? Because the website no longer exists. Specifically, I'm looking for Badtz Maru and Chococat. I knit them into patterns, and have them all saved on my old pc, but can't access it.

  2. Oh my gosh, just what I am looking for to make for the friend who pointed me to your site!
    She follows you religiously, and if you ask this whole room of coworkers, too religiously!!!

    By the way, may I get a copy of this pattern to make it for her birthday?
    Thank you

  3. In need of Keroppi Mine got wet and the website is no longer up and woking anymore I am trying to do it for a friend before there kids are born the babys room is Hello Kitty and friends

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