Hello Kitty Balloons

I am not a balloon person really… Unless of course it consists of Hello Kitty cuteness from Anagram… I have only seem a couple of these balloons at my local grocery stores, party supply stores and Michael’s.

Hello Kitty Balloons From Anagram

Hello Kitty Balloons From Anagram

Joii bought me the Hello Kitty on the dolphin balloon for my bday last year and I still have it (yes, deflated of course)… I really like the ladybug Kitty balloon…

Hello Kitty Balloons From Anagram

Hello Kitty Balloons From Anagram

Michelle got me the Birthday Princess Kitty balloon for my bday this year (Hello Kitty Surprises On My Birthday) and it is actually a lot cuter in person. The image below makes it seem like Kitty has a HUGE head…

Hello Kitty Balloons From Anagram

Hello Kitty Balloons From Anagram

I suppose you can purchase just the balloons also… And then get them filled with helium… I found a few online retailers:  Hello Kitty BalloonMini Hello Kitty Shape Balloon“Hello Kitty 18″” Foil Balloon”

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  • roxy

    we got the hello kitty princess for my little girl’s first bday. mind you i was a bit jealous so i am hoping i get an hk bday one too : ) though i do have the middle balloon in the 1st pic, the lady bug, and the one to the left of the princess one ; ) but i will be on the look out for the others to add to my collection. i’d love to get the fairy one!

  • Suzanne

    I have the right one in the top pic (the pink balloon where she is a bee), the cut-out one of her as a ladybug, and the one, second from the bottom on the right of her in the pink in orange. They are all holding up amazingly well (besides the ladybug which deflated in like 3 days.) The other two, I’ve had for almost 2 years and they look like I just got them! Yay! I have them all weaved through the wood on my vanity mirror.

  • I love them all! I really want the ladybug one very very badly. Whenever Hello Kitty is dressed up as another animal, bug, food… I get all obsessive — just so cute to me.

    Suzanne — you have had your balloons for two years and they are still floating?!?

  • i have the ladybug one! 🙂

  • sophieba

    Just found some great Hello Kitty Helium Balloons at the following Website:


  • Kristina_8902

    how to order??

  • Kristina_8902

    how much ????tska pag 30pcs mag kanu?email me pls..all details and price