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I never thought of any of my Sanrio belongings as “vintage” especially compared to Vintage Sanrio… But I recently found out that I do own a few little trinkets (by Suzanne‘s definition of vintage Sanrio — anything pre-1997). I did notice something:  the Sanrio logo on my trinkets is the old one (same logo as the Vintage Sanrio site)… So maybe I do own actual “vintage” Sanrio goodies (which makes me feel super old now).

So here are some pictures of things I still have… Things from Sanrio Surprises from the Valencia Town Center (what the store was called before) circa 1990 – 1996. Some are cute little gifts the workers at the store would attach onto your purchases while others may have been included in a stationery set…

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  1. I am literally in love with hello kitty! i have been since i was 3! i dont have that many trinkets because i have no money to buy them with 🙁 but what bugs me is that hello kitty has now become a gothic icon… i am personally not a gothic or depressed person and i love hello kitty! i kind of bugs me how HotTopic has turned her into that kind of icon. i can understand that it may be little kiddish to but the plushies or the little plastic toys but i beleive those are simply adorable and i refuse to buy the gothic hello kitty imposters. i really hope to travel to tokyo, i LOVE shopping as well and i wish to go to a sanrio store there. (ive heard they’re HUGE in tokyo) so, ttyl!
    p.s. i think this is an adorable site!

  2. i understand what maddi is saying. all those stupid little “scenesters” who “love” hello kitty…it makes a little mad that some of them don’t know the first thing about hello kitty

  3. I grew up in the 70’s & remember one of the Hello Kitty characters was something Meadow. Do you remember the complete name? I had a pencil & eraser in school.
    Thank you

  4. would you be interested in buying some hello kitty vintage stickers, pencil boxes and other things for really cheap. I am just struggling right now and I looked at ebay and nobody is bidding. I will let them go for cheap. Even cheaper than ebay . this is not something were I am trying to get your money if you want I can send you pics put it up on ebay and we will already have a set offer in mind so I will accept your bid. I also have the kerokerokerokeroppi, and so much other stuff from when I was a kid I just need money

  5. I was wondering if you know where I can go to find out if my item is “vintage” and if it is worth anything. It is a My Melody house play set. I cant find it anywhere online. It is four separate rooms and each one has a storage compartment to store the walls and furniture. So you put it together each time you play. The four rooms are living room, music room, bathroom and bed room. It is very small. My Melody is about one inch. I don’t want to sell it, I am just curious. Thank you.

  6. I <3 Pochacco. I tried so hard to looks for all the "vintage". Please let me kno if u kno where I can find it. many thx

  7. One of my favorite childhood memories…visiting the Sanrio store at the mall! It was a surprise each time they’d attach the trinket with the oval sticker! I have almost 50 little trinkets that I’m still hoarding today….20 years later. 😀

  8. Hi! I need a lot of help, I’m looking for a Pochacco CD Case, blue, where he appears with a snowboard. There’s only one website that has it, but I have to subscribe and pay. But before going to do that, I wanted to know if you can help me find it through your friends, contacts or other collectors. Thank you very much

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