Hello Kitty Contest!

This is the very first Hello Kitty contest on my blog and it is sponsored by the awesome people at Cornerstone Promotion! This contest highlights the release of the album Hello World, which is available on iTunes — pick it up, if you have not already!

All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me which song is your favorite and you will be entered! Please make sure to fill out your e-mail address in the comment form (will not be publicly displayed) — that is how I will contact the winner. Easy as that! The winner of the Hello Kitty contest will be chosen randomly on Thursday, November 20th!

Check out this kawaii flash player — which you can embed on your Hello Kitty Junkies, myspace, facebook, blog…

Want to know what you are playing for? (Sounds like Jeff Probst from Survivor?) ^_^

Prize pack will include:

  1. Hello Kitty Plush
  2. Hello Kitty Glam Earphones
  3. Hello Kitty Glam HeadphonesHello Kitty Glam Headphones

  4. Hello Kitty Hero Cotton Tote Bag
  5. Hello Kitty Hero Tote Bag

  6. Hello Kitty Hero Alarm Clock with Calendar
  7. Hello Kitty Hero Alarm Clock and Calendar

  8. Hello Kitty Pop Wristwatch
  9. Hello Kitty Pop Wristwatch

This contest is open to all U.S. Residents… Sorry my International Junkies… Maybe next time!

Winner will be announced on Friday, November 21st. Good luck to everyone!

Kittitastic Packages Sent Out

So… It is Hello Kitty’s Birthday on November 1st (which I think everyone knows by now) and it is my pen pal Helene‘s Birthday too! So I sent a little care package for her of some Halloween Kitty things…

Hello Kitty Package For Helene

My latest favorite thing — Gotochi Kitty charm…

Gotochi Hello Kitty Charm For Helene

And a little bit of Bad Badtz Maru (because she loves him)…

Bad Badtz Maru Pouch Fro Helene

I even decorated the bottom of the box! ^_^

Bottom of Hello Kitty Package For Helene

I also sent out my package to my hysterical Kitty buddy JamyKitty for the Hello Kitty Addicts Flickr Swap…

Hello Kitty Swap with JamyKitty For Flickr's Hello Kitty Addicts

Hello Kitty Swap with JamyKitty For Flickr's Hello Kitty Addicts

And I drew on her box as well…

Hello Kitty Swap with JamyKitty For Flickr's Hello Kitty Addicts

You can check out her pictures on her blog entry — Swap receive from Maria!

Crazy For Charms

These are a few more charms I ordered through Strapya World. I don’t know what it is that makes me go crazy for these small, cute, pink charms!

Hello Kitty Bunny Charm

This one is cute because her big head is squishy…

Hello Kitty Bunny Squishy Charm

And the bunny hood comes off…

Hello Kitty Bunny Squishy Charm

This pink panda has a tiny mirror on the back…

Hello Kitty Panda Mirror Charm

I got this one because I really L-O-V-E these dorayakis, Japanese red bean cakes…

Hello Kitty Red Bean Snack Charm

Random Hello Kitty Sightings…

I am the type of person who keeps setting things aside. No matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to stay on top of things. Anyway, these are some photos I have been meaning to post… I saw this Zucca magazine at Kinokuniya and there were a few pages that dealt with Hello Kitty. I could not understand it though… It was all in Japanese (*note to self:  at least get started on learning Japanese)…

Hello Kitty on Zucca

This was the inside of one of the activity books in the kids’ section… Yes, you too can draw Hello Kitty with these simple steps!

Hello Kitty Activity Book -- Draw Hello Kitty

I told Amandabot these are ghosts, and she corrected me! o_O Duh! How could I forget!? These are teru teru bozu, or Japanese rain dolls… Sanrio even made a character based on one. ^_^

Hello Kitty Activity Book

I wanted to share this oopsie I spotted! I wonder if someone at Sanrio got in trouble for this one…

Sanrio Oopsie

The artwork for the envelope was printed upside down… I still used it to send out to one of my pen pals. ^_^

Sanrio Oopsie

While walking through the Valencia Town Center, I caught a glimpse of the wall of t-shirts inside Anchor Blue. There was a 2 for $30 USD sale going on for all the t’s, including this Hello Kitty witch t-shirt.

Hello Kitty Witch T-Shirt at Anchor Blue

And downstairs, I spotted this adorable little rain boot! Obviously, I cannot fit into these… And I think it is too premature to buy them for my daughter (I do not even have a boyfriend right now)… So, I was thinking about using one as a flower vase. What do you think? Could be kawaii, right!?

Pink Hello Kitty Rain Boots

And when I was at the Northridge Fashion Center, I saw this butterfly? plushie for the first time! I think she is a butterfly because she has the wings… But who knows!?

Hello Kitty Butterfly Plushie

And… I spotted some more of the winter holiday plushies! I wonder if there is a My Melody one out there too! o_O

Sanrio Winter Plushies

Hello Kitty Saves Lives…

My friend Nic ALWAYS indulges me with conversations about Hello Kitty…

AIM Conversation with Nicky Kitty

So I guess we came up with two slogans for Hello Kitty:

  1. Hello Kitty saves lives
  2. Better Hello Kitty then the devil

Yes, we are just kidding around when we chat about Hello Kitty. Obvious, right? ^_^

Hello Kitty’s Birthday Celebration

Kitty-chan‘s Birthday is approaching! As well as Mimmy, her twin sister… And my friend Helene — how lucky of her to share a Birthday with Hello Kitty! In honor of Hello Kitty’s Birthday, many Sanrio shops will be doing some special things in-store! I picked up this flyer last time I was at the Sanrio inside the Northridge Fashion Center:

Hello Kitty's Birthday Celebration Flyer

And I also received this in the mail:

Hello Kitty's Birthday Celebration Postcard

Another celebration at the Hollywood & Highland Center!

Hello Kitty's Birthday Celebration Postcard

Looks like lots of kittitastic fun. I am going to a wedding that day so I am hoping to squeeze in Hello Kitty’s Birthday… But I might not be able to make it to a store. >_< Oh well! What can I do!?

Check with your local Sanrio to see if they will be doing something extra fun!

Hello Kitty Mail Call!

I got my merit prize from the Travel the World Event (blogging contest) that Sanriotown held not long ago! Actually, I did not even know I won until Tiffany congratulated me! o_O

Sanrio Digital Prize

I also got my letter from boubychou (my newest pen pal from France)…

Hello Kitty Winter Letter From Florence

She even surprised me with this pink Hello Kitty heart case… I wonder what could be inside!?

Pink Hello Kitty Heart From Florence

There was a hair thing, a sticker and some candy (which I ate right after I took the pictures)…

Pink Hello Kitty Heart Contents

She also sent me some cute Panda Kitty candies… Why is panda Kitty so adorable!?

Panda Hello Kitty Candy From Florence

I was very surprised to see this Ahiru No Pekkle envelope from my friend Vanessa (my real life friend that I have known for many years now). During Celina Rei‘s Birthday dinner, I was telling Vanessa about my awesome pen pals I have started writing to since I started blogging… Then she told me that she has so much old school Sanrio stationery… And this is the result…

My First Letter From Vanessa

This is real vintage Hello Kitty — look at the year 1984! I was… Well I don’t wanna give away my age, lol… I just cannot believe she still had these stickers, I mean… They are over 20 years old! I also could not get over the fact that she folded the sticker sheet! o_O

Vintage Hello Kitty Stickers -- Dated 1984

I also got a little bit of bad news… One of the books I ordered was out of stock! Boo… I really wanted the KITTY EX Perfect Guide Book!

Kinokuniya Postcard

Sanrio in Little Tokyo

I know I stated earlier that the Sanrio in the South Coast Plaza was my favorite… But I have changed my mind after visiting the Sanrio in Little Tokyo. Main reason being the distance from my place to the Sanrio shop… And seeing the Hello Kitty mini-fridge!

Hello Kitty Mini Fridge

It is so small that you can only fit like two water bottles! And guess how much you can own one of these babies for!? $200 USD! o_O I know, C-R-A-Z-Y! What’s even more crazy is that if I had the cash, I would buy it!

Hello Kitty Mini Fridge Inside

Black Hello Kitty Sneakers

The wall of imported Japanese goodies! This section was pretty pricey.

Japanese Import Hello Kitty Goodies

Japanese Import Hello Kitty Goodies

Japanese Import Hello Kitty Goodies

Kawaii ceramic kitchenware…

Hello Kitty Kitchenware

Denim Hello Kitty mobile phone case…

Hello Kitty Denim Phone Case

Hello Kitty Denim Phone Case

Cute speaker boxes for your computer or iPod…

Hello Kitty Boombox Speakers

Kuromi Boombox Speakers

Hello Kitty Toy

Hello Kitty Make-Up

Hello Kitty Packages

There was a good assortment of plushies available…

Hello Kitty Plush Wall

I had to sneak a peak at the shipment in the back… So sneaky! ^_^

Hello Kitty Luggage

MinMIn is the panda from Nakajima‘s line… Sometimes sold in Sanrio stores. There was a whole section just for this character which I thought was very interesting, especially the placement of the merch — in the front.

MinMin Merch