Kittitastic Packages Sent Out

So… It is Hello Kitty’s Birthday on November 1st (which I think everyone knows by now) and it is my pen pal Helene‘s Birthday too! So I sent a little care package for her of some Halloween Kitty things…

Hello Kitty Package For Helene

My latest favorite thing — Gotochi Kitty charm…

Gotochi Hello Kitty Charm For Helene

And a little bit of Bad Badtz Maru (because she loves him)…

Bad Badtz Maru Pouch Fro Helene

I even decorated the bottom of the box! ^_^

Bottom of Hello Kitty Package For Helene

I also sent out my package to my hysterical Kitty buddy JamyKitty for the Hello Kitty Addicts Flickr Swap…

Hello Kitty Swap with JamyKitty For Flickr's Hello Kitty Addicts

Hello Kitty Swap with JamyKitty For Flickr's Hello Kitty Addicts

And I drew on her box as well…

Hello Kitty Swap with JamyKitty For Flickr's Hello Kitty Addicts

You can check out her pictures on her blog entry — Swap receive from Maria!

  • LL.kitty

    you make the cutest/neatest/awesomest packages. i needa learn from you cas i’m so horrible with shipping things. lol i just shove everything into a box & walaaa! :P

    these packages look great, i’m jelly! i hope i get for a swap sometimes :D

  • ailen

    yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I got it yesterday thankkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss for everything hihihihi

  • Crystal

    You’re a good drawer! :D

  • Gracie

    You are so sweet that you put in so much thought, care and details in the packages you send out. :)

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  • jamy

    haha yes hysterical buddy lol
    I love as you make these kitty graphic on the box its original and cute ! btw i have cut mine ^^ for put on my wall (n_n)b

  • ailen

    Guess what I found you the kittyex book hihiihh

  • Suzanne

    L.L. kitty, I just toss mine in a package too. And then when they post pictures of it online, I’m like, why did you do that? It wasn’t cute or anything! You won’t get extras or anything from me, just what you asked for, hehe.

  • Nelly

    Wow, you’re such great HK gift-giver!!

  • http://N/A Lesley

    I love the stencil that you used! Did you make it yourself? If you did, I would love to see instructions on how to make them. I’m a student so I cannot buy the bento stencil set from Jbox.

    P.S. It is great to know that bigger stores like “Hot Topic” are carrying HK products. I don’t know if there is one outside of the U.S.A. though. I saw the most adorable HK bed set at the Kohl’s online store but they said they would not take international credit cards :(. I hope that more Sanrio products will be available in Canada because we love Hello Kitty and co too!

  • Jessica

    Awe, so much cuteness!! =)

  • rockfairy

    I am so jealous of the girlz! great gifts !