Hello Kitty x Build-A-Bear

Hello Kitty x Build-A-Bear Promo

I received an e-mail from Lesley and she reminded me about the Hello Kitty now available at Build-A-Bear. Thanks Lesley! ^_^

Hello Kitty x Build-A-Bear Promo

Hello Kitty looks like she is ready to go to a chic holiday party…

Satin Style and Full of Hearts Hello Kitty x Build-A-Bear

I smiled when I saw these… Santa Kitty and Hanukkah Kitty! ^_^

Santa and Hanukkah Hello Kitty x Build-A-Bear

These shopping Kitties have cute bags!

Polka Dots and Kitty Style Hello Kitty x Build-A-Bear

Slumber party Kitties…

Ballerina and Slumber Style Hello Kitty x Build-A-Bear

The Hello Kitty herself is $20 USD but with all the accessories, it will end up costing you close to double. The most expensive Kitty I saw was $46.50 USD… But for a custom plushie, maybe it’s worth it? I have my Hula Hello Kitty so I kind of love the idea of creating my own Hello Kitty. See all of the Build-A-Bear Kitties.

Also, make your own Hello Kitty holiday E-Card — it is pretty fun!

Make Your Own Hello Kitty E-Card

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  1. I missed out on the first two there is no way I’m missing out on this. I have a ten dollar build-a-bear card and I’m getting her tomorrow. LOL!

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