Kawaii Gotochi Hello Kitty Treats

I got some kawaii Gotochi Kitty items not too long ago! Isn’t this pink bag just lovely? I love this pink cherry blossom Kitty pattern — maybe there will be a matching kimono? I know I would wear it! ^_^

Pink Gotochi Hello Kitty Bag

Pink Gotochi Hello Kitty Bag, Detail

I love the pink princess kokeshi Kitty line… And these stickers are super kawaii! I really like how the sticker sheet are laid out — looks great as a whole and also individually.

Pink Princess Kokeshi Hello Kitty Sticker

Pink Princess Kokeshi Hello Kitty Sticker

Green Daruma Hello Kitty plushie keychain…

Hello Kitty Daruma Plushie Keychain

In this keychain, Hello Kitty is dressed up as a popular Japanese snack… Kashiwa mochi (rice cake with bean jam/paste wrapped in a leaf)… Sounds oishii to me! ^_^

Gotochi Food Kitty Charm

Gotochi Food Kitty Charm, Inside Detail

I got a cute Maneki Neko Kitty made from a red towel… Kawaii, neh!? There is also a set of Chinese Zodiac Kitty Towels!

Hello Kitty Red Towel Thing

Gotochi Kitty charms! ^_^

Gotochi Kitty Charms

I love these tags! Does anybody else save the tags? It cannot just be me! o_O

Gotochi Kitty Charm Tags

Gotochi Kitty Dolphin Charm

Gotochi Kitty Orange Juice Charm

Gotochi Kitty Charm

Gotochi Kitty Racoon Charm

You can find these cute Gotochi Kitty items in your Sanrio shops (if you are lucky) or check out this list of stores.

Awww… I just love Hello Kitty from Japan… Can’t stop, won’t stop!!!

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  • Sora

    I also save the tags Maria, you’re not alone!

  • Tiffany

    haha. Maria I save my tags too! They are TOO CUTE to throw away!

  • Jessica

    These are all so cute. Thank you for sharing them. =)