Mini Chococat Plushie From Build-A-Bear

Free Mini Chococat Plushie From Build-A-Bear

Thanks to Krissy and her blog post Free Chococat Mini Plushie At Build-A-Bear!!!, I was able to get mine! All I had to do was bring my BAB Hello Kitty and her birth certificate down to my local Build-A-Bear… And voilà! When I went to Build-A-Bear, they still had a bunch of plushies in a box — so I am guessing this is while supplies last?

Mini Chococat Plushie From Build-A-Bear

Who else got their mini Chococat plushie!? ^_^

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  • Suzanne

    I got my BAB June 2007… do you think that still qualifies? LOL 🙂

  • louise

    I have just seen the email and my local store has run out!! where did you get yours from?
    if i can find one i will have a very happy daughter!!


  • Jill Estabrook

    I did I did!

  • Euphory

    Unfortunately, they didn’t had it in Quebec :/ I’m really mad !

  • Jessica

    I ran out and got mine, thanks to Krissy for letting us all know!! =)

  • bellerina

    i’ve never had a build a bear….

  • Hi I love Hello Kitty and I was wondering if I please get this because I love Hello Kitty and Her Friends so much I want anything thats Hello Kitty I want it so can I please have this please I love anything that is Hello Kitty or thats related to Hello Kitty please??

  • Aww its gone 🙁 sad face! I really wanted 1.

  • Vix Chan

    how tall do these little guys stand? it must be like your BAB haveing there own bear? i am guessing 5 inchis?