Free Mini Chococat Plushie From Build-A-Bear

Mini Chococat Plushie From Build-A-Bear

Thanks to Krissy and her blog post Free Chococat Mini Plushie At Build-A-Bear!!!, I was able to get mine! All I had to do was bring my BAB Hello Kitty and her birth certificate down to my local Build-A-Bear… And voilà! When I went to Build-A-Bear, they still had a bunch of plushies in a box — so I am guessing this is while supplies last?

Mini Chococat Plushie From Build-A-Bear

Who else got their mini Chococat plushie!? ^_^

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9 thoughts on “Free Mini Chococat Plushie From Build-A-Bear”

  1. Hi
    I have just seen the email and my local store has run out!! where did you get yours from?
    if i can find one i will have a very happy daughter!!


  2. Hi I love Hello Kitty and I was wondering if I please get this because I love Hello Kitty and Her Friends so much I want anything thats Hello Kitty I want it so can I please have this please I love anything that is Hello Kitty or thats related to Hello Kitty please??

  3. how tall do these little guys stand? it must be like your BAB haveing there own bear? i am guessing 5 inchis?

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