Hello Kitty Package From Hélène and Grace

I have some of THE BEST Hello Kitty buddies! ^_^ They know because I always tell them how dope they are!

Package From Helene and Grace

I love that Hélène and Grace thought about me when they met up with each other at the Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe in Taiwan! If you have not already, make sure to check out Grace‘s pictures on her album Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe 2008!

Hello Kitty Sweets Bakery Card

They even saved me a napkin! You know only Hello Kitty fanatics who understand each other would save a napkin! ^_^

Hello Kitty Sweets Bakery Napkin

They got me this super cute Panda Kitty playing tennis 3D puzzle keychain.

Tennis Panda Kitty 3D Puzzle Keychain

Tennis Panda Kitty 3D Puzzle Pieces

Tennis Panda Kitty 3D Puzzle Keychain

D’oh! I am missing one piece! Don’t you hate it when that happens!? o_O

Tennis Panda Kitty 3D Puzzle Keychain

And Hélène threw in one more surprise for me!

Hello Kitty Astrological Figure Box

Hello Kitty Astrological Figure Box Detail

I got a Pisces fish head Kitty figure! I LOVE this! So cute and silly — just how I love Hello Kitty!

Pisces Fish Head Hello Kitty Figure

Thank you so much my Hello Kitty friends! ^_^

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  • Suzanne

    That card is TOO awesome! How sweet! You missing the puzzle piece reminds me of The Simpsons when they go to Blocko Land and Lisa is missing a piece of her Eiffel Tower puzzle… hehe. I watch too much Simpsons. Are you a pisces? I’m not too sharp on the whole horoscope thing.

  • http://ailen.spaces.live.com ailen

    oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh sooooooooooo sad missing one piece bouhhh :-( :-( :-(

  • Jessica

    Awe, these are too cute!! I’m sorry your missing a piece.

  • LL.KiTTY

    ahhhh I wish I didn’t see thisss. cas now imma run around like a headless chicken looking for those zodiac figurines. how cute are they?!? ): I want them all and I gotta see the secret ones. ugh!

    oh yuh that missing piece would just keel me!

  • bellerina

    that is the nicest thing for them to do!

  • http://hellokittyjunkies.ning.com/profile/mpmacias Mimi

    The puzzle key chain is too cute! And I agree with Suzanne, that card is awesome! :D

  • Grace

    WHAT! missing a piece!!!! O_O;; That’s so sad! Maybe it’s really on purpose and you’re suppose to store stuff inside.. mmhm.. or it’s a bird house for a microscopic bird. ><;

    I’m glad you liked the stuff though!

  • http://sherly-xueli.blogspot.com sherly

    hi can i knw where is the hello kitty sweets cafe? do they hv any outlet in singapore?

  • natalie

    haluan kaikki nuo hello kityn jutun heti nyt