Kittified Jailbroken iPhone

My Kittified iPhone

All for a Hello Kitty theme and kittified SMS… It took me one YouTube video — Jailbreak iPhone 2.2, a couple of hours to read instructions on Hack that Phone and finding the kittilicious Hello Kitty theme that HKGuy has on his phone…

Kittified Jailbroken iPhone

If anything happens… I put the blame on HKGuy — he MADE me do it! ^_^

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I am a graphic designer and blogger. I enjoy kawaii things from Japan, Zumba and all things Hello Kitty.

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  • Sue

    omg that is so cute! i’m scared to jailbreak my iphone though! do you have a 2g or 3g?

  • OMG MARIA and HK GUY. I neeeeed an iPhone ASAP!

  • LL.KiTTY

    hahha yes this is exactly what imma jailbreak my iPhone for too. (: wish it wasn’t so pink though. ):

  • Jessica

    I think it’s time to get the i-phone!! Hehe! =)

  • Hi, Maria! Don’t you just love kittified iPhones? I don’t think I’m going back any other phone after my iPhones. 🙂

    Btw, you can also find a program that tweaks your messages to one where the speech bubbles come from a little Hello Kitty or Bad Batz Maru. 🙂

    • Krissy72188

       where do you get the tweak?

    • Krissy72188

       where do you get the tweak?

  • Molly Zupancich

    would this work with the Blackberry storm?
    i just got it and have not figured out how to work all the stuff yet lol 🙂

  • I need the 2009 screen I have a 3g can that work on it?

  • ♥ boO ♥

    awww very cute! i want one too!

  • bellerina

    that’s fantastic! I’m afraid to jailbreak my iphone though…

  • Yay Hello Kitty Icons!

    Sue: Maria has 2g, I have 3g
    LLKiTTY: once you jailbreak it you can make your own icons, they don’t have to be pink.
    Molly: That stuff was for iPhone, I’m sure someone else will make something similar for Blackberry Storm (if they haven’t already)
    DIVA: look at the iphone wallpapers link on here:

  • Grace

    Wow. I had no desire to own an iPhone until just now.

  • JenSky

    Hi! I really want to install this Hello Kitty Theme onto my iPhone 3G. I was able to watch the you tube video & jailbreak phone. I also, saved the HK Bundle from Real Geek. But the tricky part is applying it. I wasn’t able to figure out the instructions in Hack that phone. Would you be able to list detailed instructions on how to create this theme? I love it and I’m getting a little discouraged. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • JUdi

    my hubby did mines for me…and i love it!!!

  • boldluv

    can u please tell me how to do this and where you got it from?was it easy?

  • joyz

    hi! i love this and i can’t wait to do this on my iphone. have you experienced any gliches? im just scared that if i jailbreak my phone, it’ll break =/

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  • lien

    hi, my iphone is already jailbreak and i have already downloaded the hello kitty theme down onto my pc but now i have no clue on how to put it in. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

  • dria

    ya u just down load winterboard which should b compatible with all the hk themes n such. its a seperate settings thingy for all ur cydia stuff ie themes n shhh.

  • Erika

    hey that is so cute how did you do that?

  • I need the 2009 screen I have a 3g can that work on it?

  • im addict to hello kitty!!!!!!
    and i have a lot of hello kitty stuffs!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Diana

    i love the kittyphone!!! but how would you get it back to normal iphone???

  • slimmyVIP

    how do you do it from a desktop computer does it have to be with a mac?

    • Click on the links in the post — they explain in detail… There might be some more recent and relevant info out there now tho… :/

  • sah

    i want to dowsnlaod this but how ?

  • melly

    i have this theme the only thing is i can figure out how to make it so my sms icon on the home page change its still the original one =(

  • Casey

    after you download it to your computer how do you get it on your phone???

  • Casey

    after you download it to your computer how do you get it on your phone???

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  • Kaylove

    Do they makes that sms theme for blackberry's?

  • vero

    i waaaant to do it ! but i dont understand. heelp me.

  • lunatjuhj

    What a cute theme ^^

  • lunatjuhj

    What a cute theme ^^

  • lunatjuhj

    What a cute theme ^^

  • Sccsonam

    i so want to do this to my iphone 3g. nhow do i do i do this?

  • Sccsonam

    only pink not other colors?

  • Rachel

    I want to do that to my phone! I’m too afraid of breaking it though 🙁 Does it still update in itunes properly? So jealous!

    • pysy

      that wont brake your phone at all believe me i’ve just get my iphone 4 and i’ve been personalised all of it and i don’t have any problem with it at all !

      • pysy

        my iphone 4s mean ! 😉

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  • X Sreclovejeff

    whats the name of that theme? ilikeit!

  • Jessica Pertuz

    I need to know how to custom your iphone to all Hello Kitty, I too am an obsessive Hello Kitty junkie.  Its funny how many junkies there are in the world.  Hello Kitty rocks!!!