Hawaiian Hello Kitty Package From Belle

Hula Kitty Bday Card

My Hello Kitty buddy Belle came back from paradise not too long ago and sent me a little message,

I was totally thinking of you when I was in Hawaii…because I got some stuff and wanted to send you something! I know you already seem to have a lot of HK stuff…but wasn’t sure if you had anything from Hawaii?

I’d like to send you a little something if you don’t mind??? No strings attached…just cuz u r the leader of this motley crew and I appreciate it very much! And it’s not much don’t worry??

So of course I was totally surprised when I received so many kittirific things in my package from her — cards, postcard, charm, trinkets, book mark, sticker, tissues, fan, candies, chocolates, a pen…

Hello Kitty Package From Belle

A cute Hula Kitty Birthday card, since I will be a year older at the end of this month! o_O

Hula Kitty Bday Card

Yay for Gotochi Kitty charm — I love this! heart heart heart

Hawaii Gotochi Kitty Charm

Heart die-cut Hello Kitty Valentine…

Hello Kitty Valentine

Hawaii Kitty postcard…

Hawaii Kitty Postcard

Belle did an awesome job putting together this pineapple-themed package…

Pineapple Themed Hello Kitty Treats

A small towel which pictures a sun-kissed Kitty dressed in a Muʻumuʻu

Hula Kitty Towel

Sanrio trinkets…

Sanrio Trinkets

The pineapple and mango flavored Hello Kitty marshmallows were very delicious!

Hello Kitty Marshmallow Candies

And a Korean fan! ^_^

Korean Fan

Awesome package, right? Komapsumnida Belle! ^_^

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I am a graphic designer and blogger. I enjoy kawaii things from Japan, Zumba and all things Hello Kitty.

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