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Hello Kitty Mascot Plush White Bunny Rabbit

Another treat showed up at my house a couple of days ago! In an official Sanrio box!!! Which was strange because I do not usually order online… Did I accidentally order things on my wish list and not know it!? o_O Suspicion arose… To my surprise, Krissy had sent me a kittilicious package! I was seriously in AWE!


She has a very massive kawaii Kitty collection and by looking through her photos, it’s obvious that our kawaii compatibility is VERY HIGH – SUPER! (like 80-95% if I had to guess)… Which makes me wonder, wouldn’t it be cool to chart me and Krissy‘s compatibility based on photos we upload, purchases we make online, things we place into wish lists, etc.? It would be like scrobbling our kittilicious tastes! Anyway, check out my goodies…

Hello Kitty Super Surprise Bday Prezzie From Krissy

I am excited to dress-up Kitty-chan with this card set!

Flower Hello Kitty Dress-Up Card Set

Detail of the Temari ballpoint pen featuring Kitty wearing a red kimono — already taken out of the plastic wrap and being used, of course!

Temari Red Kimono Hello Kitty Ballpoint Pen Detail

Kawaii pink chopsticks and case… Ballpoint pen from the Temari line (the red grip is very comfortable)…

Hello Kitty Pink Chopsticks and Case and Temari Ballpoint Pen

I like how girly this blue tote bag from the Bloom line is…

Blue Hello Kitty Bloom Cotton Tote Bag

Hello Kitty Hello World poster! One of my white walls will finally have something up — they have been naked for long enough…

Hello Kitty Hello World Poster

Imo, someone needs to pay more attention at the press checks…

Hello Kitty Hello World Poster Detail

Pink nail polish from the Bloom line…

Hello Kitty Bloom Nail Polish in Pink

Hello Kitty mascot plush in a bunny suit! This is the exact one I wanted too! You know when a crazy little girl gets that ONE THING she wants for her Birthday? And once she gets it, she must show it to EVERYBODY? That is totally me with this plushie, lol!

Hello Kitty Mascot Plush White Bunny Rabbit

Love the embroidery detail on the back of the head!

Hello Kitty Mascot Plush White Bunny Rabbit Back Detail

I do not usually name all of my Hello Kitty plushies — only a few! But I named her Krissy, hehe… And if Krissy gets mad/offended I will change her name…

Hello Kitty Mascot Plush White Bunny Rabbit

Hello Kitty Mascot Plush White Bunny Rabbit Slippers

The bunny slippers are over-the-top kawaii! ^_^

Hello Kitty Mascot Plush White Bunny Rabbit Slippers Detail

She is so cute, soft and cuddly… Makes me want to get the pink one too!

Hello Kitty Mascot Plush White Bunny Rabbit

I don’t even know how to thank you Krissy-chan! ^_^ I am in LOVE with everything, especially the plushie!

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I am a graphic designer and blogger. I enjoy kawaii things from Japan, Zumba and all things Hello Kitty.

17 thoughts on “Krissy’s Kawaii Kitty Gifts”

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  2. Just to let you know there is a new Hello Kitty magazine coming out in the UK on 5th March. Apparently it comes with a free Hello Kitty plush toy and is the first UK Hello Kitty magazine! I’m so excited 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday dear Maria

    i hope its kittyrific!

  4. the bunny hello kitty is the cutest!! i just saw the new temari products! the pen was the one thing i said to myself that i must have! i mean, writing isn’t just as fun if you do it with a plain pen or pencil!

    everything is so cute! i am so excited i found your blog! <3

  5. Cool I heart hello kitty she is an icon – literally. Yeah i have loads of hello kitty stuff by the way i LOVE the poster where do you get it?!

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