Sanrio’s All You Can Stuff In a Bag For $20

Thanks to Tiffers and her 20$ Grab bags ROCK!!!, I was able to get in on this awesome deal! Thank goodness for my Hello Kitty Junkies who keep me informed on all the events going on in the Sanrio shops, especially since I do not receive those e-calendars! o_O

After I saw all the goodies Tiffers scored at her Sanrio, I got too excited! I could not even sleep! I was having Kitty anxiety attacks… For real! o_O I stayed up pretty late dreaming about all the kawaii things I would have in my possession…

And then I woke up the following Sunday. I called six different Sanrio shops that I would be willing to drive to — the shop in Little Tokyo ran out of everything but informed me that they would be doing it again next weekend (and recommended showing up before 12pm)… The Sanrio at Sherman Oaks told me they were participating so I made my way down… And here is the outcome… @_@

Sanrio's Stuff All You Can In a Bag For $20

Showgirl Hello Kitty Lot

Hello Kitty Stickers

Pandapple Stickers

Chi Chai Monchan Toothpaste Pen

Tenorikuma Post-Its

Chococat Lot

Chococat Stickers

Chococat Organizer and CD Holder

Gold Hello Kitty Mobile Phone Case

Hello Kitty Magnetic Mirror and Container Set

Pink Hello Kitty Circus Themed Stationery Box

Hello Kitty Desktop Vacuum

Cinnamoroll Lot

Hello Kitty Jewelry Case

Hello Kitty Jewelry Case

Sanrio Fluffy Stick-Ons

Keroppi Fluffy Stick-Ons

I paid $20 plus tax but I got over $400 worth on Sanrio merch! @_@ Crazy, huh!?

*All You Can Stuff in a Bag for $20* is limited to select items in select Sanrio shops. Stock selection varies by location. Promotion will be held each Saturday and Sunday through Easter, April 12, 2009. Make sure to call your local Sanrio shops to see if they will be participating in this event!

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