Sanrio’s All You Can Stuff In a Bag For $20

Sanrio Fluffy Stick-Ons

Thanks to Tiffers and her 20$ Grab bags ROCK!!!, I was able to get in on this awesome deal! Thank goodness for my Hello Kitty Junkies who keep me informed on all the events going on in the Sanrio shops, especially since I do not receive those e-calendars! o_O

After I saw all the goodies Tiffers scored at her Sanrio, I got too excited! I could not even sleep! I was having Kitty anxiety attacks… For real! o_O I stayed up pretty late dreaming about all the kawaii things I would have in my possession…

And then I woke up the following Sunday. I called six different Sanrio shops that I would be willing to drive to — the shop in Little Tokyo ran out of everything but informed me that they would be doing it again next weekend (and recommended showing up before 12pm)… The Sanrio at Sherman Oaks told me they were participating so I made my way down… And here is the outcome… @_@

Sanrio's Stuff All You Can In a Bag For $20

Showgirl Hello Kitty Lot

Hello Kitty Stickers

Pandapple Stickers

Chi Chai Monchan Toothpaste Pen

Tenorikuma Post-Its

Chococat Lot

Chococat Stickers

Chococat Organizer and CD Holder

Gold Hello Kitty Mobile Phone Case

Hello Kitty Magnetic Mirror and Container Set

Pink Hello Kitty Circus Themed Stationery Box

Hello Kitty Desktop Vacuum

Cinnamoroll Lot

Hello Kitty Jewelry Case

Hello Kitty Jewelry Case

Sanrio Fluffy Stick-Ons

Keroppi Fluffy Stick-Ons

I paid $20 plus tax but I got over $400 worth on Sanrio merch! @_@ Crazy, huh!?

*All You Can Stuff in a Bag for $20* is limited to select items in select Sanrio shops. Stock selection varies by location. Promotion will be held each Saturday and Sunday through Easter, April 12, 2009. Make sure to call your local Sanrio shops to see if they will be participating in this event!

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26 thoughts on “Sanrio’s All You Can Stuff In a Bag For $20”

  1. Wow, you did awesome sweetie. I went all the way to my store on Saturday because, they told me they were going to do it, I got there before 12 and they said there stock never showed up. I was so aggravated. They told me to come back next weekend but, the store is an hour away and my parents won’t take me again after this incident. I need to get my license. *Sighs* Oh well, I’m glad you all got to take advantage of this deal. Yay!!

  2. Wow what an amazing deal! I’m so sad that we don’t have any official Sanrio stores in Canada. If they did (it would likely be in Toronto) I would so drive the 3 hours plus to get there as it would be like I went to Sanrio paradise. I can’t believe that it sounds like they have that event every month (I don’t know if it is because the market is bad right now or they have older stock they want to get rid of). I would go broke if I bought the Sanrio products I wanted so this would be a perfect event to save money. I really love the Alice in Wonderland themed products so they’d be my first place to go to. I bet that it’s great exercise having to run around like that and I’d train up to make sure I could do my best during the event.
    P.S. What I do Jessica if I want my parents to drive me somewhere is to appeal to their interests. For example my parents are very big on saving money by doing several errands/events at once. I try to plan as much as we can handle into the day. For example the family doctor lives about a hour away so I ask if we can do some shopping (since the prices and selections are usually better there) or visit friends and family. They’re usually willing to do this as “we’re already there” and I’ve tried to show how responsible I am by thinking ahead to save them money (of not having to go back for several trips). You could also say that you are saving a lot of money by paying the flat rate instead of having to pay for each individual item at the marked up value.

  3. Everything is really cute. It makes me want to go again. I want that jewerly box. Still can’t figure out how the vacuum works.

  4. WOW u made out girlie!!!! Way to go…Im so happy i was able to enable ur addiction futher muhaha..
    Im so jealous u have the box ring holder..thats the one im missing!!! but better luck next weekend eh!!!
    VErY cute stuff!!!!

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  6. Pingback: Maria Fleischman
  7. Oh those are such lovely stuff! The Sanrio store I go to didnt have any Cinnamoroll stuff for the $20 grab bags… I only collect HK and DD but I do like Cinnamoroll. Hopefully they will have new stuff this weekend. Good to know you had fun! πŸ™‚

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  9. I work at Sanrio and got 7 bags total. Each bag added up to about $700+ each. Today was the last day and we got jewelry, clothes, and tons of jewelry boxes. =) You got a lot of the same stuff as we got though.

  10. This post makes me extremely jealous. XD But i am happy you got such great stuff. how big were these bags?! you got tons of stuff! was it on everything sanrio or just the smaller items?

  11. πŸ™‚ : ) πŸ™‚ That’s so cool! I’m a big Sanrio fan too! especially of Pochacco. but too bad they don’t have a lot of his stuff anymore πŸ™ which really sucks. Man though, that deal you got is the best! Can you tell me when they have it next time?! πŸ™‚ That would be great!

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