Vintage Sanrio Band-Aids From Vanessa!

My close friends know that I love getting cute little Hello Kitty trinkets… Actually, I think everybody who has talked to me for over ten minutes will figure that out on his/her own. But the one thing that I really LOVE, is when my friends give me part of their Hello Kitty collection — especially if it’s something they had from their childhood. I feel kind of wrong for taking it, but most of my friends in real life seem to grow out of collecting stickers, notepads, bracelets… And specifically for this entry, band-aids.

My friend Vanessa has donated some very cool vintage Sanrio items to me (Hello Kitty sticker sheet from 1984 and this kawaii Hello Kitty clear sticker sheet)… And I do cherish them! ^_^ This time around, she gave me some super kawaii band-aids from her Sanrio collection she used to have! She did a very nice job preserving them too! She had small pieces of tape on the back so they would hold better! ^_~


Vintage Sanrio Hello Kitty Band-Aid From Vanessa

Vintage Sanrio Hello Kitty Band-Aid From Vanessa

Kero Kero Keroppi!

Vintage Sanrio Keroppi Band-Aid From Vanessa

Sweet little Pochacco!

Vintage Sanrio Pochacco Band-Aid From Vanessa

Vintage Sanrio Pochacco Band-Aid From Vanessa

And a couple of new school Hello Kitty band-aids you can find at your local Target!

Sanrio Hello Kitty Band-Aids

Domo arigato Vanessa-chan! I will take good care of them! @_@

  • jenna

    I’m loving the pochacco and keroppi ones =)

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  • bellerina

    awww what a nice friend!!

  • emmy

    I have the ones from target. SOOOO CUTE:)

  • waziangurl

    where can i get those?!?!