If Hello Kitty Was The Bachelorette…

This is proof that I watch a lot of reality TV… Waaay too much! I don’t really have a good reason why I watch it — drama, entertainment, easy to understand… But I always seem to watch the contest shows — America’s Next Top Model, America’s Best Dance Crew, Dancing With The Stars, Design Star, Hell’s Kitchen, Survivor

And of course, I have been following The Bachelorette… And after I saw the finale, I thought about what Kitty-chan would do if she were ever put into Jillian’s position. Questions raced through my mind, like which Sanrio characters would even be eligible partners for her? Would she date anyone outside the Sanrio circle, like Doraemon? Who would she have instant chemistry with? How would she let go of the guys? I feel very silly for even having this on my mind… But I do tend to live in my kittified world, so these thoughts are actually normal…

My top five guys for Miss Kitty White:

    1. Bad Badtz-Maru
    2. Cinnamoroll
    3. Pochacco
    4. Tippy
    5. Dear Daniel

Contestants To WIn Hello Kitty's Heart on The Bachelorette

And who would be eliminated (in order):

Tippy… He is the perfect gentleman gentle-bear who has a crush on Kitty-chan and wants to be her boyfriend. But he has a very difficult time acting like himself. He needed to let his guard down and open up more.

Cinnamoroll… He is one lovable little pup, but Kitty wasn’t sure that he could handle such a huge commitment at such a young age. She did not want him to rush into anything.

Bad Badtz-Maru… Even though Tippy warned Kitty about Bad Badtz, she wanted to trust Bad Badtz, who was feeding her every lie in the book! o_O Kitty finally realizes that he is a selfish bad boy who is only on the show for more fame… But she had to find out on her own terms.

Pochacco… He is a very romantic pup who loves to go on walks and eat banana ice cream. Pochacco and Kitty’s astrological signs are highly compatible, but he just could not say the L-word to her soon enough.

And Hello Kitty would save her very last red rose for…

Dear Daniel! He used to be Kitty’s boyfriend, until he left for Africa with his father… But then came back because he wanted to be with Kitty again. In their hearts, they know they are true soulmates and no distance could ever keep them apart!

If Hello Kitty Was The Bachelorette

What do you think? Who do you think Kitty-chan would choose? Am I a little crazy? Do I need a life? Maybe friends? n_n

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  • http://hellokittyjunkie.com/juanitakitty juanita

    HAHHAA this iss wayyy too funny!!! did you come up with this yourself Maria?!! i love it!! ♡ it!!!

  • amandabot

    no Chi Chai Monchan???

  • http://hellokittyjunkie.com Hello Kitty Junkie

    Unfortunately, Chi Chai Monchan was let go in an earlier round because her connection with the top five were stronger… It was a hard decision that Kitty had to make. o_O

  • JuneBug

    LoL… you are too cute~!!! i really enjoyed reading this post =) i check your blog every day for updates =)

  • Jordan

    Oh so funny Maria. You know for me it’s HK&DD 4-EVER!

  • aixa

    i think chococat would’ve given dear daniel a run for his money =] lol..

  • bellerina

    That is the cutest little thing!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/hellojere?ref=profile Jere’

    thats awesome
    your crazy
    for hello kitty

  • http://www.agejou.net/ Sara

    HAHAHA! I still think Dear Daniel is her soulmate. I’m such a stickler for their wedding products so seeing HK with out DD would cause a time paradox. D:

  • sarmar

    Haha! This was an awesome post! It’s cute because my mind wanders around like that sometimes too! Loves it

  • http://blog.hellokitty.com/victor5 Victorsaurus

    This is funny, poor Cinnamoroll