Hello Kitty *Stuff* from Strapya-World

Hello Kitty Order from Strapya-World

*Strapya-World* is a deadly place… I mean, FOR REAL! I cannot just browse that site without adding 20+ things into my cart! Of course, I have to end up narrowing down my choices… But you know how difficult it is if you are a Hello Kitty Junkie like me! o_O During my last time browsing around for some new kawaii Kitty things, I ended up ordering a few treats for myself… Yes, only a few… n_~

I had to have this clear die cut Hello Kitty box! I am not going to use it for lunch because I would rather put my Hello Kitty jewelry inside here… Or maybe some Gotochi Kitties! *___*

I have been working kinda crazy lately… Crazy as in so much time is spent at work that I am hardly blogging about Kitty-chan! o_O So I decided I needed an ultra kawaii Hello Kitty amulet (idea borrowed from *Super Jill*)… In the form of a super soft bunny Hello Kitty plush pouch necklace! So the next time I am stressed out with work – please believe I will wear this around my neck for some Kitty luck and protection!

Kawaii, neh!? n_n

Not totally sure if I *NEED* this, but… Well… Yeah, I do *NEED* this Hello Kitty sushi maker! n_~ Not sure when I will prepare some kittilicious sushi, but I will definitely take photos to share with my Junkies! =n_n=

Alrightie! You know I * L O V E * all these kawaii Gotochi Kitty charms! These were the ones I thought were just too irresistible! @_____@

Hello Kitty x Dear Daniel Umbrella… I wonder what they are doing under there, hehehehehe! <3

Is it just me, or is this too funny!? ;D

Hello Kitty x Nozomi Tsuji charm! If you do not already adore Kitty-chan with hair, this little cutie might turn you over! Eyelashes! Sparkles in her eyes! Pigtails! Big bow! Isn’t she so kawaii!?!?!? <<< Rhetorical question since I know the answer! *____*

h.NAOTO x Hello Kitty Goth-loli charm… I am not super into lolita fashion or anything… But you know Kitty-chan makes me like pretty much anything… This charm reminds me of my friend Ming who is totally into cosplay *dunno if she would wear this outfit tho*

And my *fave* of the bunch — Sumo Kitty-chan!!! @___@ I know! She is outrageously hilarious, right!? She is too silly not to adore!

Wanna know what’s next on my list? Could it be Hello Kitty Biscuit, Macaroon, Donut, Chocolate… Yummy! Sounds kittilicious to me! ;P

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I am a graphic designer and blogger. I enjoy kawaii things from Japan, Zumba and all things Hello Kitty.

13 thoughts on “Hello Kitty *Stuff* from Strapya-World”

  1. OMG you are so funny!!! I have that container but it is being stored…I dunno what i wanna use it for yet…btw..the charms are so cute as always…I never thought of an amulet..I should use one too!!

  2. I went Sanrio store in Ikebukuro last weekend. I didn't shop anything, but there were so many new Kitty goods! Makes me happy^^
    Have you ever got Kitty's Rock and Punk version items which I introduced in here before? If u are interested, please visit our site.

  3. Of course reading your blog, puts more things on the BUY list. #1 is that sushi kit, I haven't made any bento in awhile, so that totally inspires me. #2 The Hello Kitty amulet, which is a brilliant idea. Super Jill is always thinking of unique ways for us to express of love for Hello Kitty.

  4. I have the nozomi tsuji x hello kitty phone charm with the big pink bow and I LOVE IT!!! it was expensive but it was hello kitty so i had to have it 😛

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