Super Mega *Kawaii* Fun Tokyo Tour with JapanLA (Hello Kitty Style)

Get your passports out because it’s that time again… You know, when Jamie from JapanLA takes a group of people on her Super Mega Fun Tokyo Tour! She is the *ideal* person for this trip since Jamie A.) knows kawaii and B.) Has done this before… There is nobody more suited to tag along to Japan with! n_~

This trip is an all-around Tokyo tour… But you know as well as I do that Tokyo is *Hello Kitty heaven* for someone like me! Jamie was kind enough to let me know about all the Hello Kitty details…


Puroland is Sanrio’s indoor theme park — click here to view awesome photos by Christian Lau. There are four Sanrio Stores!!! Stage Show Performances with Kitty-chan and your *fave* Sanrio characters!!! Hello Kitty restaurant with Hello Kitty shaped foods… Arcade with claw machines and purikura photo booths… Sanrio Parade… Take pics with Sanrio characters that hang out in the front area for *FREE*… Hello Kitty’s House Tour with photo opportunity with Kitty-chan at the end… AND… Kitty Lab will be there, which means you get to experience the interactive fun first hand…

Not to mention grab the latest Kitty Lab merch:


Questina has a delightful selection of Hello Kitty items for grown-up Kitty fans *like MEEE*. This store is ONLY found in Ginza. You’ll find many original items that can’t be found anywhere else, including original bags, travel accessories, clothing and custom made original bouquets with a Hello Kitty motif. Christian Lau shares photos of Questina here.

Ginza is also home to Sanrioworld, the flagship Sanrio store which features the entire range of Sanrio shop brands under one roof: GIFT GATE, Vivitix, HELLO KITTY STORE, Little Twins Stars Shop… As well as regional item corners, Greeting Cards and more. Ginza is the place to be if you want to get your nails deco-ed out Hello Kitty style or if you are looking for super rare collectors’ items: Anteprima bags, Dr Romanelli figures, Hello Kitty bras, Hello Kitty ties, Bling Me! items, etc. Btw, both these shops are highly recommended on Sanrio Japan’s site!

On the day the tour visits Ginza, Jamie has planned a meeting with Mori Chack, creator of Gloomy Bear!!! Yeah, Jamie knows people like that! n_~ You will get to go to Sweets Paradise for all-you-can-eat dessert and a special signing/drawing and pics with him! And P.S. Jamie knows where to get the Gloomy x Hello Kitty merch! *___*


Kiddyland is located in Harajuku and Sanrio has a half a floor devoted to Kitty-chan and her friends! There are actually a lot of kawaii merch available at that shop!!! *_____* Earlier this year, some of my friends visited Japan and guess what they saw!?!? There was a special Hello Kitty shaped waffle maker station out front!!! Not 100% sure if this kawaii Hello Kitty Pop-Up Waffle Shop will be there, but you can always keep your fingers crossed! @___@ *Photo borrowed from Christian Lau*


There is a Gift Gate in Shinjuku which houses the world’s largest Hello Kitty monument. Kitty-chan greets visitors at the Shinjuku Gift Gate, making it a popular spot to take souvenir photos. Jamie also knows of a store here that has Hello Kitty collaboration items. She found the Hello Kitty and Mimmy as masked wrestler plushes here! She has also spotted rare purses, tees, keychains, tokidoki x Hello Kitty Unicorno purse, etc… In short, lots of K-I-T-T-I-T-A-S-T-I-C stuff! There is a Quolomo store in Shinjuku too, where you can find current collabo merch with Kitty-chan, Little Twin Stars and My Melody…


This is your spot to find traditional Japanese souvenirs… Jamie found her Hello Kitty dressed in Kimono with fan ceramic figure here… And I am guessing that there will be a lot of Gotochi Kitty items available here as well as Hello Kitty currency! @____@


The Tokyo Toy Show is held in Odaiba — you will be able to see the Sanrio booth and take a look at all the new Sanrio items being released in Japan!!! I am very envious! If you go, you will  see all the 50th Anniversary merchandise in person! @____@ Odaiba is also home to a one of the Sanrio Vivitix stores with lots of rare items that are personally on my *wish list* (click for larger view)…

*Nakano Broadway*

Jamie says that you can find used toys here (and apparently in good condition). I also read that Nakano Broadway is a toy/doll collector’s dream! Sanrio peeps found a Little Twin Star Mirror here from 1974… So it seems that there are lots of rare and unique Sanrio items to be found here! Kinda like a scavenger hunt! n_~


There are lots of claw machines/UFO catchers with Hello Kitty items (*hopefully* you can find one with kawaii Hello Kitty panda plushies and Kitty teapots and cooking pots)… And toys and electronics… Jamie also noted Don Quijote, where they have Hello Kitty pajamas, pillows, toys and tons of goodies! Jamie even got a giant Gachapin x Hello Kitty bolster pillow for $5!!! Like 3 feet tall! What a bargain! *____*

The JapanLA Tokyo Tour Summer Tour is scheduled for JULY 14 – 22, 2010. The tour price includes 7 nights at the Shibuya Excel Hotel, Airfare, local transportation, (including trains and buses), admissions, tour guides, guidebook and shopping maps. There is an optional trip to Osaka July 22 – 26, 2010… *Totally* a dream come true for any of my Hello Kitty Junkies! *____*

Deadline to sign up is June 2nd, with a $300 deposit to hold your spot. For more info, please check out JapanLA Tokyo Tour Summer 2010! Please contact Jamie via e-mail if you would like her to send you a sign-up sheet at:  info[at]