Chouette ♥ Hello Kitty — Chic Meets Cute Again!

Guess who is in *L-O-V-E* again!?!?! Yup! You guessed it! Meee!!! @___@

But seriously, how could you resist falling for these watches!? Remember the Chouette ♥ Hello Kitty Collection I posted back in April? The first shipment of these watches were sold out in a heartbeat (my little insider tip)! The second phase of the Hello Kitty watches has recently launched… And they are just as kawaii and more affordable… The prices range from 1,800.00 HKD/231.78 USD to 6,820.00 HKD/878.19 USD

I stared at these beautiful watches for a couple of days now… And I still cannot decide which is the cutest… What do you think!? n___n And just FYI, these are professional photographs and the photographer did an amazing job making it pretty… But these watches are even better looking in person! (I know this for a fact because I have My Chouette ♥ Hello Kitty LED Bling Watch). If you still don’t believe me, you can ask Pinky — she has the CHOUETTE x Hello Kitty MESSAGE ♥ KITTY series watch(CX Limited) in red!

Here is the official press release:

Chic Meets Cute Again With the Latest CHOUETTE ♥ HELLO KITTY Collections

CHOUETTE ♥ HELLO KITTY was born in December 2009, in celebration of the first anniversary of CHOUETTE. Combining the cuteness of Hello Kitty with CHOUETTE’s signature glam, the 3 CHOUETTE ♥ HELLO KITTY collections have been highly sought after by both Kitty fans and fashion lovers. This summer, CHOUETTE and Hello Kitty sprinkle the magic dust again, bringing in the brand-new DIGITAL ♥ HELLO KITTY Collection.

DIGITAL ♥ KITTY The Refreshing Pastel Collection
Hot summer approaches and CHOUETTE gives Kitty a refreshing makeover — DIGITAL ♥ KITTY Collection. Kitty comes to life with a single row of clear CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements on the Kitty-shaped transparent plastic case. Together with a red light LED display showing date and time, the whole design is as clean and refreshing as the summer breeze.

In line with the clean simple design, colours of the watch case and the croco pattern leather strap have also been toned down. Soft pink and violet match perfectly with Kitty’s lovable and gentle character; while the transparent black and milky white add a dose of innocence to the chic designs.

(Available in 4 colours: Pink, Violet, White and Black; HK$1,800)

MESSAGE ♥ KITTY Back To Basics
Having taken the fashion world by storm with 6 vibrant colours last season, the MESSAGE ♥ KITTY collection is back to basics with the launch of the classic white Kitty. Utilizing the same crystal-paved LED display with the scrolling message “Especially For You”, these all white Kitty-shaped watches are now available in the stainless steel version with a silicon strap, and the rose gold plated version with a croco pattern leather strap.

(Stainless steel model, HK$5,280; Rose gold plated model, HK$6,820)

All watches come with the CHOUETTE ♥ HELLO KITTY watch box and the special edition tote bag, elaborating the collection’s chic and cuteness to its max (While stock lasts).

Two hottest fashion icons join forces again, becoming the hottest talk of the town. Taking the creativity up a notch, CHOUETTE lined up brand endorser Angelababy and Hello Kitty in the latest advertising campaign – dressed in the classic, iconic red tee, blue overall shorts with a ribbon bow, Angelababy becomes Kitty! Sitting back to back with Hello Kitty, Angelababy flaunts Kitty’s classic, adorable pose, as eye-catching as the watch itself.

I am super loving the print advertisments! Isn’t Angelababy super kawaii!? She is a popular model and actress from Hong Kong… She is the perfect endorser for this collection! I love her Hello Kitty outfit and poses too! Cute, sweet and a little sexy… All the things a Hello Kitty Junkie wants, right!? @___@

In December of 2008, something cool, cute and rather chic was born in Hong Kong – CHOUETTE. A literal mix of daily slang and traditional French verse, CHOUETTE presents a contemporary yet traditional approach to luxurious lifestyles with desirable items for everyday living.

CHOUETTE launched its first collection of attainable luxury with its heralded SPARKLE Collection of watches – beautifully crafted, full pave encrusted cases and dials with leather straps. CHOUETTE is a creative outlet for a founder who believes in the mash up of fairy tales and modern realities, where the brand offers products that can create a smile and sparkle in one’s eye. CHOUETTE products are sold across ASIA, and it’s expanding rapidly on a global-scale – in luxury retail stores, specialist boutiques, and now CHOUETTE boutiques. For more on the brand, please visit

For the latest news, check out CHOUETTE on Facebook — it gets updated with tons of info and photos on a regular basis! n_~

Thank you Joanne for all the 411 and all the beautiful images!!! *___*

  • Bellenam

    WOW amazing!! I think I like the white one best!

  • Meredith

    I <3 all of them!!

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  • Iluvcheesecake123

    I think the white one is my favorite too! Is there a way to purchase from the US?

  • Lizzie

    I'm also wondering how I can obtain one of these beauties!

  • Dream Crusher

    how would i be able to buy one of these watches?

  • Shunnet1980

    Ebay has them

  • Shunnet1980

    Ebay has them

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  • nisaa annisa

    i <3 it to core ! omg ~

  • nisaa annisa

    Hello kitty <3 why the hell are you so nice . limited edition (:

  • nisaa annisa

    i so loving kitty !

  • momo mimi

    how to buy the watch ?

  • momo mimi

    how to buy the watch ?

  • momo mimi

    how to buy the watch ?