Hello Kitty + Bubble Gum Pink = Kawaii!!!

Have you ever wanted to give yourself a truly kittirific manicure!? My girl Annie a.k.a. Nailstah (ok, ok, she is actually Belle‘s friend) came up with this *super awesome tutorial* in celebration of Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary!

How freakin’ A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E is this!?

Kawaii, neh!? n___n

You cannot go wrong with Kitty-chan and bubble gum pink! Very impressive… I actually want to paint my nails now (way past my bedtime tho)… When I was reading the tutorial, I found so many similarities between painting nails and Printmaking (which I studied in school)… Yeah, that is a totally nerdy observation to make… n_~

Good thing for us Junkies, Annie has a full-on detailed, easy to understand and informative tutorial so ANYBODY can do this mani! If you guys do your nails — share pics with me, please!

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Author: hellokittyjunkie

I am a graphic designer and blogger. I enjoy kawaii things from Japan, Zumba and all things Hello Kitty.

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  4. I don’t really care for Hello Kitty but I only favor the nice bubble gum pink color.I’ve always wanted this type of pink of polish color.Think pink!

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