Hello Kitty Sweets Strawberry Donut Keychain from Strapya-World

My Hello Kitty Diet is Kittiliciously Sweet

I need to start a diet… I cannot think of a better way to lose some extra pounds than to go on a Hello Kitty diet. My plan is to save all the money I would actually spend on real sweets *boba, candy, cookies, donuts, ice cream, pastries* and spend it on Hello Kitty yummies from Strapya World! This way, I still get the sweet desserts but without all the sugar intake! Am I a smart cookie, or what!? n_~

My last Strapya World order… It is too difficult to narrow down my selection because that site has SO MANY kawaii Kitty things from Japan! @___@

Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe biscuits… Strawberry and chocolate

Such a sweet chocolate dipped donut! And with 0 calories! n___n

Why is this sprinkled strawberry donut so kittilicious? n_~

Soft strawberry bread plush keychain is…

Very squishy…


Hello Kitty milk chocolate bar… Mmm Mmm Mmm…

I feel like I need the strawberry and white chocolate bars too…

It really bends! o___O

My last order also had a non sweets item… But this is just as kittilicious! I could not resist the Hello Kitty bag hanger in pink/silver color combo… There is also a black/rose gold color combo. It was a hard decision between the two — but in the end, I chose the pink/silver since pink is my *fave* color.

I like that this can be used as a keychain and a bag holder… Score! Two products for the price of one!

Not bad, right!? But just when I think I have caught up with the cuteness, Strapya World offers Hello Kitty ice cream and macaroons! @___@ Looks like I will be on my Hello Kitty diet forever! n_~

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I am a graphic designer and blogger. I enjoy kawaii things from Japan, Zumba and all things Hello Kitty.

  • Belle

    wow some amazing items!!! so jealous!

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  • Jordan

    This Hello Kitty diet is a brilliant idea, yummy without the calories. How's that bag holder working?

  • liv

    i love hello kitty and her friends and i thought thats such a good idea instead of paying money for food, instead use that money for more hello kitty stuff!!!!!! its a win win situation! you get hello kitty stuff and your on a diet to lose weight!

  • tina

    i couldn't have them around no matter how cute they are~ i would so be craving donuts & chocolate every time i looked at them! mine would definely have teeth marks! time to hit dunkin donuts up for a snack!

  • April_KittyGirl

    I saw these before and really wanted some, especially the donuts.. problem is I’m from UK and delivery would be very expeinsive O_o

  • itsMaria

    so so cute!!!!! can you tell me the link?? i <3 hello kitty!

  • Gianna_henderson

    is the hello kitty biscuit  squishy???

  • Puppypaw67

    can i buy those

  • hi r u trading or selling the bottle caps one?

  • kawaii bunny

    I have wanted the hello kitty sweets cafe chocolate bun forever but no body will trade do you want to please please please please please i have a youtube channal it’s kawaii bunny