Sanrio’s Small Gift Pop-Up Shop Menu

Sanrio 50th Anniversary Small Gift Mobile Pop-up Tour Menu

OMK!!! This is the most kawaii and kittilicious menu I have EVER laid my eyes on! @___@ I super love the concept and whoever designed the cover… *AMAZING*!!! You cannot get any cuter than Kitty-chan and her Sanrio buddies in a hamburger!!! *sigh* lol ;D

You can download your own copy on Sanrio’s 50th Event Products page to view the 50 specially selected *MUST-HAVE* Small Gift products. Again, *sigh*

Special Starters include…

Main Dishes…

Happy Hour…




Totally agreed that is is the abso-kitty-lute best menu you have EVER seen, right!? n_~

Now for the hard part… What am I going to order off this menu!? Right off the top, my top five that I NEED and I do not have yet:

  1. Sanrio 50th Anniversary Book $24.95
  2. Small Gift 3″ Vinyl Figure Set $42
  3. Small Gift 90 Piece Mini Figure Set $200
  4. Small Gift Bobbleheads $18/each
  5. Small Gift Postcard Set $12/each

Looks like I will have to pack my lunch for a while… A very long while since everything off the menu looks yummy!!! What are your faves??? n___n

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14 thoughts on “Sanrio’s Small Gift Pop-Up Shop Menu”

  1. Love the menu, it is super cute and colorful.
    My Top 5 are: 1.Sanrio 50th Anniversary Book 2. Small Gift cell phone charm sets 3. Small Gift Logo T (hopefully it comes in Lady sizes) 4. Small Gift Coin Purse 5. Small Gift Keychain.
    Hmm, I need a number 6. Small Gift lunch box for my PB&J sandwiches.

      1. Wow I totally agree that they are all so cute! I really love the idea of the full collection of all of the characters but the price is a problem. I wish that they’d have smaller sets available (Hello Kitty & her friends set, Twin Stars and their friends, etc.). I assume that these items will be around for a limited time so it’ll probably be a first come first served situation.

        The only thing that was an issue is that they did not say where you can buy these items. I live in Canada so there are no offical Sanrio stores & the official website’s store charges an arm & a leg for the shipping. Hey Sanrio, those of us who live in Canada also love your products. Please set up a shop for us!

      2. Hello fellow junkie I’m in serious need of those aerial7 kitty headphones! Where can i get them? I can’t find them on sanrio ornate aerial7 web site:( please help!!

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  3. Oh my goodness there are way too many things I want. I want the mini figure set, plush sets (in the box), toki doki tee, postacrds, skateboard, anniversary book.. and a few other things totaling almost $500.. hahahahaha… I think I need to edit my list 🙂

  4. i wished you never showed me this….now i want to buy everything!!! going to be super broke after i go to this event. -___- i especially want that sweater, blue shirt, and the scarf…plus a few other things haha

  5. Where can I find these aerial 7 headphones? I can’t find them anywhere, not on the sanrio or the aerial 7 web site?? I need them 🙂

  6. My wife spent about $500 on the items.
    I and my wife were in SF in the line for about 5 hours just to buy the items on Oct 23, 2010. About 3 hours in the rain. I told the staff they should’ve just handed out numbers so people can eat first.
    I have already finished reading the book. It has only the more popular characters unlike the Sanrio Days book. I have not yet bought Sanrio Days bec. prefer to wait for the english version of the Sanrio Days book. My guess is the book will be sold in Amazon later on. Most of the book consists of pictures of products.
    The 90 piece set for $200 has only the more popular characters but it is still ok. It does not even have Frooliemew, Chibimaru, Chichaimonchan, Pandapple, etc. from the more recent years.
    The Japanese 2010 calendar with lots of characters still looks better than the mini calendar which has 12 pictures which has fewer characters.
    I also like the tiny plush set with Patty and Jimmy.
    According to the staff, most items will not be sold online or in the Sanrio stores which is pretty strange. Target should’ve just allowed the items to be sold in Target stores since Target is the main sponsor of the tour. I am not sure why they want to make it difficult for fans to find the items.

  7. Congratulations to Hello Kitty Junkie for being chosen to write the foreword to the 50th Anniversary book. I hope somebody will produce an English version of Sanrio Days book. I hope they can make the book larger also.

  8. maria ~ congratulations on writing the foreword in the book! i just got my copy tonight. i am so excited for you… you truly deserve it! maybe you can autograph the page for me… heehee! love, ro <3 xxxxxx

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