2011 Marks the Year of the Rabbit… Kawaii Sanrio Style


According to the Chinese calendar, 2011 is the year of the rabbit. So why not collect your Sanrio collection accordingly? n___n

Mighty Fine has some kawaii newness going on, like Year of Melody… Kawaii, neh? I believe so!

And it comes in two colors…

The following does not have anything to do with the year of the rabbit… But of course I have to share the new styles featuring Kitty-chan! They are all super kawaii! *___*

View all the Hello Kitty x Mighty Fine t-shirts here — including designs for Men!

Back to the topic — Strapya-World also has some sweet Kitty merch… This adorable and cuddly Colorful Bunny iPhone Jacket is to die for! I might actually buy an iPhone 4 just so I can get one of these! n_~

And last but not least: 2011 Hello Kitty Udoshi Rabbit Limited Edition Collection! I am thinking about ordering the Sanrio Hello Kitty 2011 Udoshi New Year Limited Rabbit Plush Doll Ballchain Mascot for my purse. The letters on the gold coin means happiness which makes it a perfect good luck charm for 2011, right? n___n

And you know I still love the Gotochi Kitty charms!

Are there any other new Hello Kitty x rabbit/bunny items you have seen for 2011?

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