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Kittitastic news for all the Hello Kitty fans in the UK. Hello Kitty Fashion is here!!! Hello Kitty Fashion Magazine is a brand new publication brought to us by the same source who distributes Hello Kitty Magazine. This magazine is mostly aimed at teenage girls + young adults + Junkies (of course)! This is the premiere issue featuring Lady Gaga on the cover! There are 80 pages filled with fashion tips, Hello Kitty news, interviews with super fans (such as myself) and much more!

Earlier this year, I was interviewed for this magazine — so I am extra excited about this issue! I do not have a physical copy of the magazine yet, but I am more than happy to share the images I have. If you want to view any of the images larger, just click on them! n_~

Hello Kitty Fashion is out NOW!!! And it comes with a free Hello Kitty purse. ^___^

Hello Kitty Fashion
Hello Kitty’s got style, originality and attitude and she’s bringing it all to her latest magazine. Hello Kitty Fashion is a quarterly 80 page publication, which will hit newsstands in the UK in July. The magazine, which is aimed predominantly at teenage girls and the older Hello Kitty fan, aims to bring it’s readers a fresh and exciting take on the teenage glossy mag. Hello Kitty Fashion is bursting with cool content, including top tips on how to create different Harajuku styles, an exclusive interview with Yuko Yamaguchi (Head designer at Hello Kitty HQ), loads of fab fashion and beauty tips and tons of cool Hello Kitty related content.

Below are the spreads with interviews from Hello Kitty fans around the world, including Winnie from Singapore, *meee*, Sheena of Hello Kitty Limited, Emily of House of Kitty, Kari from Scotland, and Alessandra from London!

Below is a transcript of my interview. Hope you enjoy!

Maria Fleischman
Los Angeles, United States

When did your Hello Kitty obsession begin?
I remember buying school stationery from Sanrio Surprises inside the local mall. My heart has always been tied to Hello Kitty, anything Japanese and super kawaii. I finally acknowledged that I had a serious Hello Kitty addiction when she was the main thing on my mind and I had nothing to talk about besides Hello Kitty.

What was the first item Hello Kitty item you owned?
I don’t remember the very first item in my Hello Kitty collect. However, I do have a photo of myself with the vintage Hello Kitty wristwatch!

Do you blog about Hello Kitty?
Do I ever! I started hellokittyjunkie.com in 2008. I try to blog about all things Hello Kitty,which is so difficult since there are so many products and so much news about her out there.

Does Hello Kitty influence your sense of style?
I see Hello Kitty as a very classic and cute girl who evolves with the latest fashion trends. I like wearing accessories like Hello Kitty’s bow on my head (yes, on my left side) – this makes me feel like Hello Kitty! There is rarely a time when you will see me out without a Hello Kitty bag or wallet.

Have you got a very rare item in your Hello Kitty collection?
The most rare gift I got was the honour to write the foreword for the book Small Gift: Celebrating 50 Years of Sanrio. That was a once in a lifetime gift, which any collector would enjoy very much.

Do you have a favourite Hello Kitty collaboration?
Right now, I am head over heels in love with Sephora’s Hello Kitty beauty line. I also love all the seasons from tokidoki x Hello Kitty.

How far have you gone to get Hello Kitty merchandise?
I traveled with my friend Amanda to Taiwan during Winter 2009. If you’re deep into collecting Hello Kitty things, you know that Taiwan is home to the Hello Kitty Sweets Café, which has loads of yummy Hello Kitty themed treats. There’s also the Hello Kitty terminal at the airport, so it’s the perfect place for any Hello Kitty fanatic to visit.

Have you ever attended any Hello Kitty events?
I attend a couple of Sanrio store events during the year. My favourite Sanrio Boutique is located in Little Tokyo (Downtown LA). They usually celebrate the Cheery Blossom Festival and Nisei Week… and I don’t dare miss Hello Kitty’s Birthday because it’s always super fun! The BEST events that I have attended were Three Apples, Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary (2009) and Small Gift, Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary (2010). They were both filled with so many surprises, it was a Hello Kitty fan’s dream come true!

Hello Kitty has been around for 35 years, why do you think she has remained so popular?
Hello Kitty has stayed popular because she has this unique quality about her, which makes her adaptable to current trends. It seems very contradicting but it’s the truth! Also, Hello Kitty products are well designed. Good design is forever.

If you live in the UK, this is available to you now — so don’t miss it! n__n

Author: hellokittyjunkie

I am a graphic designer and blogger. I enjoy kawaii things from Japan, Zumba and all things Hello Kitty.

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  4. This was seriously awesome. A week ago I was just saw it in WHSmiths waiting to pay: So I immediately grabbed it! I saw you in it too! I was like woah, I know her, I’ve been reading her blog for a couple of years. Wow! Congrates!! You did an awesome job. ^___^ 

  5. I am a HUGE Fan of Hello Kitty, Fashion….AND Lady GAGA!!! I live in the United States and am curious as to how in the world I can get a copy of this magazine???? I want a copy sooooo badly!!!!!

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