The Launch of Swarovski’s First Hello Kitty Collection


By now, all the Junkies should know that Swarovski Hello Kitty is The Sparkle of Happiness… But just in case you need some extra 411, here are some highlights that every true Junkie must take note of!

  • This collection is the first collaboration of any kind between Swarovski and Sanrio
  • The variety of Hello Kitty x Swarovski’s products is plenty – from intricate jewellery to clutches to even decorative items! There is almost definitely something for all ladies!
  • The iconic Hello Kitty has had a refreshing new makeover with its crystal decked form
  • The Hello Kitty Clutch Bag redefines the outlook of Hello Kitty, making it look even more glamorous and is a potential hot favourite amongst ladies
  • A limited edition Hello Kitty figurine utilising almost 20,000 crystals is the highlight of this collection – a precious collectible indeed!

So… I already posted a lot of the collection from the previous post about this genius collaboration… But I am dying to know what my Junkies are eyeballing! For me, my top 3 *faves* has not changed…

#1. Hello Kitty Bear — Seriously, how can you not *adore* this one!? I also *heart* Hello Kitty Red Apple! Actually, I *love* Hello Kitty Pink Bow too — so all the figurines are kawaii to me… I just have a special place in my heart (not to mention my wallet) for Hello Kitty Bear… But you never know, I may end up changing my mind after I see them in person! @___@

#2. Hello Kitty Crystal Pendant — Such an iconic piece! I would prolly wear this everyday! n_~

#3. Hello Kitty, Limited Edition 2011 — What Junkie doesn’t love this!?!?!? That is just impossible to even think! o__O

Below is the press release… It is super official:

Introduced in 1974, Hello Kitty has become a global icon over the past four decades. Now the time has come for her to shine even more, with a unique collaboration between Sanrio and Swarovski. Swarovski’s first ever Hello Kitty collection will be launched in a selection of the company’s 1,900 stores beginning August 2011. This playful and enchanting collection of jewelry, accessories and figurines, is the perfect celebration of Hello Kitty’s sparkling world.

Instantly recognizable all over the world, Hello Kitty resonates with fans of all ages. Known for her iconic features and signature bow over her left ear, creating the Hello Kitty pieces called for all of Swarovski’s technical expertise.

Under the artistic direction of Nathalie Colin, an enthusiastic design team set about creating fresh and unique interpretations of Hello Kitty through jewelry pieces, charms, accessories and figurines. “As a fan from day one, I saw an obvious connection between the magical, sparkle of crystal and the bright, playful world of Hello Kitty,” explains Nathalie Colin.

With seven necklaces and pendants available, there is something for every Hello Kitty jewelry fan. Many pieces offer an interplay of delicate chains. Hello Kitty’s face appears on each creation either alone, or with other icons from her world, such as bows, flowers, stars and apples.

The Hello Kitty crystal pendant is made entirely of elegantly faceted crystal. To produce the piece, Swarovski, in close collaboration with Sanrio, developed a new type of faceting for an exclusive crystal stone, with Hello Kitty’s head and pink bow. The colors of her features perfectly complement the simplicity of the piece.

The Hello Kitty long pendant incorporates Swarovski’s exclusive Pointiage® technique. Applied individually by hand, an array of clear, black and yellow crystals are combined with countless mini pink crystals to create Hello Kitty’s dress. An epoxy bow in the same shade of pink as the pendant, is also mounted on a very long, fine, rhodium-plated chain. The pendant also has a movable head and arms for a playful touch.

Three bracelets with delicate and playful details extend the jewelry offering. Hello Kitty’s face is presented on the pink crystal pearl bracelet once again with a colored bow in Pointiage®, and accented with fuchsia crystal pearls and movable symbols. A Swarovski classic collector’s item is the linked bracelet that features interchangeable charms. Hello Kitty with her bow in pink faceted crystal, are created entirely in Pointiage® or colored pavé crystal.  This delicate chain is brought to life in clear, red and pink crystal.

Two rings complete this enchanting jewelry collection. One set is made up of three rings which include Hello Kitty’s face, bow and apple. These can be worn individually or together. Delicate earrings present her bow in mini pink crystals, with two clear crystal and red set hearts suspended from them.

A range of leather goods are also included in the collection. Hello Kitty’s delightful features are creatively applied through embroidery, stamped leather and colored embroidered crystals to a coin purse, card holder, and bag charm.

For the evening, Swarovski’s classic “Power” bag in clear Crystal Mesh is customized in line with the rest of the collection. Hello Kitty’s face is applied in a varnished white leather, complete with a pink  leather bow, both finished with black, yellow and pink crystals. The bag also features an elegant white leather embossed Hello Kitty logo.

Three figurines beautifully complete Swarovski’s sparkling, enchanting and joyful Hello Kitty offering for Fall/Winter 2011. Exclusively created by Swarovski, Hello Kitty is presented in fully faceted crystal, wearing a pink, red, or purple bow, and holding her iconic apple or teddy bear. These fashionable decorative pieces are the perfect gift for a Hello Kitty fan.

For dedicated Hello Kitty collectors, a Limited Edition piece produced entirely in Pointiage® will also be available. Only 88 pieces are available worldwide ensuring its exclusivity. This technical and artistic masterpiece features almost 20,000 crystals applied by hand using Swarovski’s signature technique, to create a unique and show-stopping piece.

The specially created accessories and figurines will ensure that this collection delights fans of Hello Kitty and Swarovski crystal worldwide.

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  3. I would rank the figurines the same as you. After seeing them in person and displaying them in my Hello Kitty collection; bear, red apple and then pink bow. I would love to get the large hello kitty figurine with all the 20,000 crystals, but my poket can not handle. The crystal head necklace is beautiful, i got the crystal head and the iconic head necklace, the crystal pendant earrings, the inconic head ring and a pen.
    LOVE collaborations…….

  4. I would love to have one of the mini figurines. Its just…pretty expensive for the size that it is. It would be amazing to get it as a gift though.

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