ete! x Hello Kitty = Sweet & Stylish!


HK Guy and I usually chat online on a daily basis (sometime every other day). He is the one person I can count on to *always* share some fun Hello Kitty or kawaii-related links. He showed me the ete! x Hello Kitty collection!!!

Waaaa!!!! @____@ I am in L-O-V-E and I have been gushing over the sneakers all day long — mostly because I fell in love with the Adidas by Jeremy Scott panda plush sneakers and thought Kitty-chan was purrr-fect for this type of sneakers!

ete! x Hello Kitty collection will be available starting October 14, 2011 in China. Hmmm… I wonder how difficult it will be to get something from this collection — HK Guy already found the item I want for pre-order! o___O

Here is most of the collection…

My faves have to be the pair of red high-top platform sneakers! Seriously, this reminds me of my favorite pair of red high-top Reeboks I had as a child — but BETTER! What Junkie wouldn’t want to wear Kitty-chan plushie head and red bows on her sneakers!? Kawaii!!! @____@

The whole collection is pretty sweet and stylish… I.T EZHOP says,

ete! is a unique, exclusive and set a number of international brands in one of the young fashion handbags and accessories designed footwear stores, styles species diversity, for fashion is both to provide people with quality and comfortable footwear, handbags and accessories.

Hiking shoes?

Sparkly ballet flats… Yes, I want these too!! Totally reminds me of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers! n_~

The post in Trends’ On mentioned a free tote bag with a purchase of HKD $1,500… I believe the image below is the free gift with purchase…

iPhone 4 case with Swarovski bling!

Cutely designed heel lifts… And they are detachable too!

I really like the packaging…

Quilted handbags with not 1… Not 2… But 3 of Kitty’s bows!!! I like the super puffiness of these…

Not sure if this size is considered a tote bag — but looks big enough for me to carry my Hello Kitty things in! n_~

Furry/plushie handbag… The material looks very soft and cuddly!

Shopping bag with die cut and embroidered details…

Details… Makes me think this line is produced with good-great quality — I mean, the details say it all, no? The production just looks really clean — and I do not think it was all Photoshopped…


Cosmetic bags…

Shoe box is even kawaii! n___n

Some boots for the winter… Kitty’s face pattern is embossed on the suede…


Kawaii!? Is anybody going to hunt anything down from this collection?

Info + pics via Trends’ OnKidulty and I.T EZHOP

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  3. OMG! dying for some of those shoes! i have big feet for a girl, though, size 9 american. think they’ll make them that big? and any idea how expensive this brand is? or if you can order direct from their web site?

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