Sephora Hello Kitty Noir Suite at Maison 140, Beverly Hills


Oh boy! I caught a really nasty cold this past weekend (which has delayed my blogging)! >___< But as always, I am excited to share with my Junkies the event that I attended on Saturday, December 10, 2011 — Sephora Hello Kitty Noir Suite *preview* at Maison 140 in Beverly Hills, CA.

I arrived a little ater 6pm and guess who I saw outside of the hotel to welcome me? n_~

When I entered inside, I was greeted by…

And she offered me a black and white striped Chubby Bunny bow, Sephora Hello Kitty postcard, and some nail polish! I got Red Sparkle and Night Sparkle!!

The Hello Kitty Suite is on the third floor… Which is where I immediately headed up to after I spotted my fellow co-worker Junkie *Lynn*! We headed up stairs and as soon as we opened the door, we were absolutely delighted!

All the goodies from the Noir Collection was on display near the entrance!

The main focal point was the kittified bed! I love the mirrored wall behind the tufted headboard and night stands… Especially because there is a decal of Kitty’s bow!!

Love the colors of the decor! And all the extra custom blings! *___*

Black velvet Sephora Hello Kitty robe, with slippers, Chubby Bunny bow and sleep mask were spotted on the edge of the bed for whoever is lucky enough to stay the night in this suite!

Custom Hello Kitty lamp shade — *adorbs* Sprakley Hello Kirtty iPod/iPhone speaker — *adorbs* again! And yes, that is Kitty-chan’s bow on the photo frame! And the glass on top of the table… Could that be Hello Kitty’s face with SEPHORA’s logo!? @___@

Very glittery hot pink alarm clock!

*Lynn* and *meee* pose on the bed — as you can see, we were super duper excited! ^_^

The vanity area is my *fave* part of the suite!!! Note: this suite was super Hello Kitty-themed… Like, the drapes are a burgundy color with black Hello Kitty head outlines on top.

Customized Hello Kitty and Sephora decals placed on the mirrors…

All the beautiful products from the Noir Collection is displayed in this area… Actually, it is pretty much featured in every part of the suite!

The vanity was adorned with blinged out Hello Kitty head knobs! I want them so bad!! *___*

Here is *Lynn* pretending to apply some blush. n__n

And yes! I had to have a photo op in front of the kittitastic vanity mirror!

There was also another chair and side table in that same area… Yes, that is an old school rotary phone with Kitty sticker (it’s actually Mimmy because the bow is on the opposite ear — but only hard core Junkies might notice a detail like that)… n_~

The bathroom… So many elements to like in this bathroom, but I must say that my favorite touch was the customized Hello Kitty wallpaper!

Photo with fellow Junkies *Rosie* and *Belle*

Close-up of the goodies near the sink…

Purrr-fect accessories for the bathroom, right?

Hello Kitty Intense Perfume from the Noir collection is soooo freakin’ sexy! *If Hello Kitty is allowed to be sexy* n___n Seriously, this bottle is so lovely (wish I got a better photo)…

Messy Pink and I loved the wallpaper so much, it was only appropriate to take a photo in front of it! n_n

Black and white Hello Kitty shower curtain — looks so classy, no?

Guess what was inside the black bag? Hello Kitty hair dryer! n_~

Does this waste basket look familiar? I have the same exact one, except it is pink! I thought, “Wow! So clever! It is spray painted black!”

No Hello Kitty bathroom is complete without Hello Kitty toilet paper!

Before heading back down stairs, I spotted the always-adorable-and-forever-fashionable *Julie Doll* (pink hair) and her friend! Kawaii, neh!? n___n

This is what the crowd downstairs in the lounge area looked like… The hotel’s decor is so fabulous — and so are all the glammed up guests! *___*

*Sigh* so much fun! n___n

If you haven’t already, Hello Kitty’s FB album — Sephora Hello Kitty Noir Suite has the BEST photos!

To find out how you can stay at Maison 140, check out Maison 140’s Hotel Packages and make sure to pick up all your *fave* beauty products from the Sephora Hello Kitty Noir Collection!

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