Hello Color! Vintage Sanrio Hello Kitty Bath Toy


I *love* my kittilicious friends — especially the ones I see on a regular basis + especially more when they share their Hello Kitty toys with me! It feels like something I would do when I was younger — and you know how much I love nostalgia! n___n

My cute-Hello-Kitty-loving-co-worker-DJ-friend Brookie brought in her vintage Sanrio Hello Kitty Hello Color plushie! Hello Color is a bath toy that Sanrio introduced in the 80’s and the plush changes color in the water. Gaaaa! Kawaii, neh? I was happily surprised that Kitty-chan was in such good condition!

Vintage Sanrio logo on the label so you know it is official!

Check out the commercial straight from the 80’s! The funniest part is at the end! n_~

Brookie decided to test it out  in a bucket of warm water to see if the toy still worked… And *ta-daaa* @___@ Hello Color! Well, not as bright as the toys in the commercial, but it DID change from purple to green… n_~

Oh boy! I wish my Momma bought me one when I was young! n__n Anyway, I *love* when my Hello Kitty friends share these kind of things with me!! Thank you Brookie!!

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9 thoughts on “Hello Color! Vintage Sanrio Hello Kitty Bath Toy”

  1. I still have mine and it is still in great condition also! It’s normally just displaying on my dresser but I tested it out a couple weeks ago and it still works. Love it!

    1. If you ever get sick of it let me know. My sister used to have one which is probably where my obsession started. She has since passed away and I would love to have one as a momento.

  2. OMG!  I have both Hello Kitty & My Melody! It’s on my page!  They are most prized Sanrio items – my first introduction to Hello Kitty as a child! 

  3. OMG! I had one of those!  every so often, i feel something that has the same tactile feeling and it brings me back to my childhood, but i could NEVER place why, now i know why! (i have a baby einstein babywash hand puppet thing for my kids and everytime i use it, i think of my childhood in Hong Kong)

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