Hello Kitty Love Bandit Is Coming Soon To Loungefly!!

Did you see what is currently on the Loungefly homepage!? AND what is posted on the Loungefly FB page!?

The *WANTED* poster is too cute!! Too cute that I even borrowed this poster for my FB profile pic (please feel free to add me if you’re a Junkie)! n_~ What is the best part about this poster? Is it that Kitty-chan looks super kawaii as a Love Bandit? Or maybe that her physical description is spot-on! Or maybe even the fantastic little story of why Kitty-chan is WANTED and the reward offered… I dunno, everything just works as a whole… *L-O-V-E* =n_n=

(click image for full size)

*Dun Dun Dun*!!! Something very kawaii is coming soon — and this is the *wanring* to all the Junkies!

Hello Kitty Love Bandit by Mighty Fine

The Hello Kitty Love Bandit is here — and it seems that she is stealing everyone’s heart! I know she got mine, has she stolen your heart with this design!? n_~

Mighty Fine actually released these cute tees at the end of last year (yes, I am late on sharing the news) but I saw these back in stock (and a couple of new ones added?) and wanted to share with my fellow Junkies who missed it during the first time around!

Bandit Lineup ($25) womens basic fitted crew neck tee, 100% cotton in vintage gray — definitely my style!

Standing Bandit ($25) womens basic fitted crew neck, 100% cotton, heather red. Kitty-chan is

sneaky like the Hamburglar and the Cookie Crisp bandit…. but so much more kawaii!

You know what’s funny? When I first saw this design, I immediately thought about the Hello Kitty x McDonaldland promo in which my fave plush was Kitty x Hamburglar!

I like Love Bandit Head ($30) too — it’s a loose fit scoop tee that’s made of 100% cotton. It’s awesome that Mighty Fine is: 1. making more fashion tops for us Kitty lovers as opposed to just the basics and 2. the cost isn’t drastically more.

Sitting Love Bandit ($30) womens loose fit cropped tee, 100% cotton, heather gray.

My *fave* top (the one that totally stole my heart) is Hello Kitty Bandit Sac o Love! Love the design on this one SO much! The graphic looks distressed on the burnout material of the fabric, which is 50% poly 50% cotton, and it’s $25, which is the same as the fitted crew neck tee from this line. Kawaii, neh?

These are currently *WEB EXCLUSIVES* so make sure you don’t miss out! Find more Hello Kitty cuteness at Mighty Fine! n__n