Hello Kitty Collectible Figures From Sanrio JVP


Last year, around the time of Hello Kitty’s Birthday, I fell in love with these collectible figures at Sanrio JVP (my *fave* Sanrio Boutique just in case you did not know)!

Well, I am happy to report that I have collected a happy group of figures… Still missing a few but excited about the ones I do have! n___n

There are ten collectibles in all: Hello Kitty, Keroppi, My Meloday, Tuxedo Sam, Kuromi, Zashikibuta, Pekkle, Hangyodon, Chococat and Badtz-Maru. All of the characters are painted onto Hello Kitty’s molded figure.

Here is my group of cuties <3 <3

Gotta love Hello KItty!

Is it funny how similar My Melody and Hello Kitty are?

I love these three! Tuxedo Sam is cute… Kerroppi looks so silly — the big eyes! @___@ And Badtz-Maru might possibly be my fave of the bunch!

I think Pekkle in the Kitty form looks so strange… But since I adore Pekkle, I had to add this to my collection!

They look too cute together… *sigh*

I really like these collectibles… I wonder what Sanrio will release next… Since Sanrio does have a plethora of kawaii characters, it might be nice to see a second series of this set — Pom Pom Purin painted on the Kitty molded figure would be a cute one, for example… n___n

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