Hello Kitty Loves Animals BLOTz Blind Box MIMOBOT

I took my chance with Hello Kitty Loves Animals BLOTz Blind Box MIMOBOT… I have a few Mimobots already, but these Hello Kitty animals are too cute to resist! And you know, you can always have a spare flash drive just in case! n_~

The packaging is so darling! It’s a lot of the same artwork as the Hello Kitty animal plushies that were sold in Urban Outfitters a while ago. n___n

I chose one blind box. Each USB drive holds 2GB and comes with kawaii wallpapers + icons for your computer! The side of the packaging shows the different types of Kitty drives and their rarity.

I love Kitty-chan in a panda outfit so I was *crossing my fingers* for the cute panda! Hmmm… I am curious about what the *surprise* Kitty looks like tho…

And guess what I opened!? o____O

Yayayayaayayay! Hello Panda!

Panda Hello Kitty USB flash drive!! The exact one I was hoping for! What cute luck! *___*

Back detail…


So far, she is my *fave* Mimobot ever (I have a couple of Hello Kitties, Gloomy Bear, and tokidoki’s Sabochan). They are all cute and I definitely adore them — but seriously… How can this Panda Kitty NOT be my *fave*!? n_~

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  • Hkjunkiebelle

    Super Cute!! I have too many too so I didn’t get any of these..the Panda is adorable…

  • HKJ Heather Bray

    I took a chance on one of these and got the one I wanted too! Seems like you have blind box luck like me 🙂

  • wendyburns15

    I love all of your hello kitty finds!  You inspire me to keep up with my collection.  My husband thinks I’m crazy but I just love her! Thanks for sharing!


  • I want the pink seal!!! Soooo cute!

  • Now that is just ridiculously cute!  I love the blind box idea, too.  Makes every purchase seem like an event 🙂

  • Penguin FTW!

  • Joana

    Soo beautiful!!! I love!!!