Pom Pom Purin Is So Yummy!


I have a *HUGE* crush on one of Hello Kitty’s friends — I hope she does not get *jelly* n_~

Purin lives in a special ‘Purin-size’ basket near the front door of a girl’s house. He’s never without his brown beret. He enjoys collecting shoes (like Papa’s leather shoes and Mama’s sandals, which he hides one-by-one). He enjoys napping, Purin aerobics, and becoming friends with everyone.

His favorite foods include milk, soft foods, and Mama’s homemade pudding.

via Sanrio.

I was gonna keep my love for Purin on the light side – maybe collect a couple of sticker sheets… But then I saw the *Room* collection and felt like I needed more than a sticker sheet or two… And the rest is history. n_~

I adore this cute little plushie couch — wish it came in real life size! It would look so cute in my living room! @___@ I don’t have anything in it yet… But I am thinking of putting some jewelry or maybe a mini Kitty plushie! n_~

I really adore the whole *Room* concept… Actually, I love the illustrations a lot! That is the thing that made me want the Purin products even more! I also feel that Purin is so simple and cute (which is very difficult to do) and he adapts very well to most products (like a mug or eye glass case for example).

Here is the inside of the hang tag:

Back view of Purin couch plush jewelry holder…

Purin paper clips… Very doubtful that these will be used — I mostly got it because I love the packaging!

Sanrio makes *everything* look super adorable!

Purin shaped paper clips… *Adorbs*

I like collecting stationery because it is usually one of the more affordable things at Sanrio. I picked up the Purin memo pad and the designs on the sheets are super kawaii! n___n

I like that there are ten different designs!

Here are some of the designs…

I also love the packaging for the Purin letter set! The letter set comes in a small plastic clear file/folder… Again, the cute illustrations appear everywhere! And the colorway is very cute — pudding yellow with chocolate — yummy! n___n

Portrait letter sheets + envelopes + die cut letter sheets in the shape of Purin are included…

Back detail of file/folder…

And it came with some stickers too!

Die cut sheets — SO cute!

Hmmm… Maybe I should have purchased doubles — one to use and one to keep in pristine condition!

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  1. I am personally a tuxedo sam person myself.:) i have been trying to track down the rement x cookie tuxedo sam but no luck yet >:(

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