Momiji x Hello Kitty Collectible Dolls


Most of the Junkies know about the Momiji x Hello Kitty collabo that came out last year… I gifted these to myself for Christmas last year… And have finally photographed them!

In my collection are Astrid + Gigi + Aya = my three faves of the bunch!

“Momiji are message dolls. Inside each one there’s a teeny folded card for your own secret message, dream or wish. Spread the love.” Isn’t that such a kittitastic idea? And it goes so well with Sanrio’s “social communication” business. =n_n=

I love Astrid’s Hello Kitty shaped guitar!


Underneath is where you can write cute massages/wishes… Makes me want to give one of these to a friend! n___n

Here is my trio…

Astrid + Gigi rockin’ out!

Look at Gigi’s headphones! I totally wish I had a pair!!

Aya carries a Hello Kitty — so sweet! n_~

Check out the media release for Momiji x Hello Kitty for more info:

The culmination of countless top secret design meetings is about to be revealed by the design crew at Momiji HQ and the iconic Hello Kitty.

July 2011 brings with it a happy collision of cute, as Hello Kitty and Momiji combine their unique styles to create a collection of six Momiji dolls and an array of everyday essential accessories or ‘zakka’ (A Japanese word meaning ‘bits & pieces’)

Momiji are message dolls, inside each one there’s a secret folded card for your own secret message, dream or wish. Sprinkled with an abundance of Sanrio chic, each of these new dolls has accessorised her outfit with Hello Kitty; from Gigi’s huge headphones to Astrid’s electric guitar.

Momiji’s Creative Director, Claire Rowlands said “This collaboration is sure to bring fashion-flutters to the hearts of Momiji and Sanrio collectors around the world.”

The zakka collection includes everyday essentials; from mugs to key chains and tiny enamel pins which mean that you can carry your favourite Momiij character with you.

Dolls will be available from July 2011 and zakka from August 2011 throughout the USA.

About Momiji

Momiji [‘mom-ee-jee’] are hand-painted collectible message dolls. The Momiji story began six years ago in the UK. Since then our brand has gained cult status around the globe. Momiji HQ is based in Henley in Arden, a little village famous for its ice cream. From here we have become truly global with designers creating lovely stuff all over the world: UK, Austria, Chile, Thailand, Germany, Canada and Slovenia. Our links with top art colleges mean that we work with the most creative new kids on the block. Momiji, dedicated to making life lovelier.

About Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty was born in London in 1974. Throughout the years she has become one of the most unique and interesting characters ever created, a worldwide social icon with relevance to women of all ages, ethnicities and economic backgrounds as well as an inspiration to artists and designers.

Hello Kitty has built strong emotional connections with women, becoming part of their lives during their formative years and traveling with them into adulthood. Her motto is: you can never have too many friends.

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