Sanrio x Re-ment Hello Kitty Candy Mascots


Gaaa!!! Re-ment and Sanrio really need to stop producing so much cuteness! I am running out of room to display these sets! The latest collection updated on Re-ment‘s site is a totally kawaii set of Hello Kitty candy mascots!! I am most definitely in *love* and yup, I already started *watching* for these on eBay…

The official release date is March 12, 2012 in Japan and the retail price will be ¥280 JPY (= $3.45 USD) each.

The bottle opener kills me with cuteness!

Awww… The packaging is SO cute for this set of pudding! n___n

Hello Kitty caramels? These need to be made for real!

I think these are dried squid?

Ice cream! Kittilicious!

I feel like going to Mitsuwa, Marukai or Nijiya now just to pick up some Japanese sweets! Those are the local Japanese markets near my place… And looking at these re-ments are making me crave some sweets… n_~

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I am a graphic designer and blogger. I enjoy kawaii things from Japan, Zumba and all things Hello Kitty.

2 thoughts on “Sanrio x Re-ment Hello Kitty Candy Mascots”

  1. The puddings are the best!!  BTW, some people had asked abt ISBN number for that Kitty Origami book from a while back (and it really is the best one ever!) and I actually managed to find it, so posted it. I just found your blog a few months ago!  I grew up loving Hello Kitty, with a single little kiosk at one mall my only supplier.  Now I am “grown-up” and just moved to Hawaii and am rediscovering my love with Kitty available all around me!  (She looks so silly — and cute — on the shirts from Dole Pineapple Plantation wearing Hawaiiana and with a huge pineapple on her head!)  We have Kitty everywhere here — even on the reusable shopping bags from the ABC convenience stores, I find her!  Love all the photos you post of the Hello Kitty things you find. Thanks for a great blog!

  2. Hello kitty could seriously be on anything and it will amplify the cuteness!! I love reading your blog so much, it makes me so happy ^0^


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