Hello Kitty x tokidoki x 7-Eleven Hong Kong Collectibles!


Remember the Limited Edition Hello Kitty x tokidoki Wonderland at 7-Eleven Hong Kong that was released for Holiday 2012? The collaboration between tokidoki and Hello Kitty is one of my *faves*… I have a feeling this combo of cute and cute will always be one of my all-time favorites! Well… I was *lucky* enough to be gifted a complete set by my boss Simone (he knows I love love LOVE this collaboration AND I got to help him on this project)!!

Without further adieu, kawaii overload for your eyes… Hope you can handle it! n_~

Donutella Kitty and Ciao Ciao Kitty… Super freakin’ cute!!

This is what happens when Hello Kitty and the cutest tokidoki characters are mashed up! Can you name them all? Hello Kitty is mashed up with (from left to right) Mozzarella, SANDy, Adieu, Donutella and Ciao Ciao!

I wonder who SANDy Kitty is on the phone with…

Mozzarella Kitty… Awww…

I wanna say I love Kitty as Latte… But the reality is… I pretty much love them *ALL*!!! @___@

This keychain is awesome because it’s doubled up with cuteness! Kitty-chan’s face one one side…

The flip side features Simone’s sun wearing Kitty’s red bow!

The diamond is one of tokidoki’s signature characters (as well as one of Simone’s favorites — notice how often he uses it in his paintings?) I like that the diamond is made with see through plastic! Very luminous! *___*

Cupid Kitty in a heart with wings… Purrr-fect for Valentine’s Day, no?

Adios star sporting Kitty’s bow in pink…

The flip side features Kitty with the tokidoki logo in place of her bow!

Kitty-chan loves riding on the unicorno. n__n

Hello Kitty with the three apples… Which is what she weighs (prolly not these apples tho)! n_~

Kitty always makes a great present… Especially during the Holidays!

Kitty and champagne — to ring in 2012!

Kitty-chan likes riding on the back of Adios’ bike… I hope Ciao Ciao does not get *jelly* o___O

Kitty in a cactus cat suit… To protect herself from the harmful world, of course!

Hello Kitty borrows SANDy’s suit to hang out with Adios in this snow globe…

Kitty riding a dragon — for 2012, the Year of the Dragon.

I adore this trio… Donutella Kitty, Mozzarella Kitty and SANDy Kitty…

Especially since I have the tokidoki x Hello Kitty plushies!!!


Double *sigh*

Thank you Simone! Thank you Kaori! Thank you Darren! AND thank *YOU* for checking out my cutie-pies!! n___n

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  1. Love your blog it really make’s me happy just looking at your pictures super thanks 

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