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Hello Kitty says, “you can never have too many friends.” That statement holds true for stickers too! Especially kawaii sticker sheets filled with Kitty-chan and her Sanrio buddies: My Melody, Pom Pom Purin, Kero Kero Keroppi and Little Twin Stars. The sticker sheets pictured below were purchased from Sanrio JVP (my fave Sanrio Boutique)! n___n

I adore this Hello Kitty design because it totally looks like a throwback to the 80’s! I also love the mostly primary (red, yellow + blue) color scheme + the puffy-ness of these stickers. *Bonus points for including Mimmy too, of course! n_~

Ooooh! *Glitter* n___n

Awww… Sweet My Mel! It’s full of pink cuteness!

Kero Kero Keroppi! Love him because he is kawaii + he reminds me of my younger brother (my Mom used to get him Keroppi products from Sanrio)…

Is it just me or does Pom Pom Purin *always* look super happy!? I wonder what his secret is…

Little Twin Stars!! Definitely one of my childhood *faves* And My Mel! I really like the clear gel-like plastic stickers… I do not know the correct way to describe — but really like this look *A LOT*!

Look how the light shines on/through the stickers… Neat-o! @___@

Another sticker sheet filled with My Melody and her adorable friends… This one had me because I am in love with the colors! And, again with the clear gel/plastic like material! These even have a silver outline on them!

Can’t wait to go back to Sanrio JVP to see what new stickers are in stock! @___@

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