Vintage 80’s Sanrio Stickers


One of the best things about being a Junkie is meeting other kind + kittitastic Junkies… Be it in real life or online via e-mail. I was lucky enough to get an e-mail from *Yiling* — she has been following my blog for years. She visited her childhood home in New York and her Mom saved her stick collection that Yiling had from 4th through 6th grade! That is wonderful, isn’t it!?

Well… Because *Yiling* is such a sweet Junkie, she offered to send me a few sheets from her collection! Gaaaa!!! @___@

She even wrote me a cute little note on Keroppi stationery! *___*

Hello Kitty!

This sheet is from 1983!

More Hello Kitty!

Little Twin Stars!

My Melody!

Thank you *Yiling* and please know that I will take good care of these Sanrio sticker sheets!! n_~

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