Hello Kitty Bento Origami Kit

I bought a cute Hello Kitty bento origami kit from Kinokuniya, a Japanese book store in Little Tokyo. The kawaii packaging caught my eye! @___@

The designs/illustrations are too cute — I could not resist!

Closer look at what is included inside the kit…

The instructions are in Japanese o___O But there are tons of pictures so if you are intermediate with origami, this should be easy to follow.

Here is the beginning of my bento…

Kitty-chan’s ears! n_~

Mmmm… Hello Kitty onigiri (or rice ball)…

I will post photos when I complete my bento! n___n

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  • Ahh, that’s so cute. I want it.

  • Koi_fish_girl

    Where is this store!?? I’m always over at Little Tokyo…is it in the village or on one of the streets? must. have. this!!!