KISS x Hello Kitty Teaser Tees Hit


Just in case you have not seen the first couple of merch from the much anticipated Hello Kitty x KISS collabo, there are two tees that are now available online! These tees are teasers — the collabo will be in stores later this year… Fall, perhaps? n___n Thank kittyness for teasers — I dunno how some of us Junkies would survive! o___O

Hello Kitty Kiss Army Girls T-Shirt

Hello Kitty Kiss Girls Crop Tank Top — LOVE this one! The graphic is so iconic!! I hope there will be stickers of these faces. n___n

Here are some lifestyle images take from the launch of the KISS Golf Course in Las Vegas… Kawaii, neh? n_~

The über-adorable Julie Doll rockin’ it out!

My recommendation to the Junkies: You need two tees of the same graphic (four tees total for both designs) — one to wear as a regular tee and another to DIY fringe like the models have done!

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