White Hello Kitty iPhone 4S/4 Character Cover


After searching for the purrr-fect iPhone case/cover — I finally found *The One!* n__n I just cannot believe how long I was going without protection… x___X

So… I ordered this white Hello Kitty iPhone 4S/4 Character Cover via eBay… It is also available on Strapya-World… Btw there are more colors to choose from, but I stuck with classic white. n_~

When I opened the package, I thought, “Uh-oh! The plastic feels kinda cheap.” It is soooo cute — but feels like a low-end toy. o__O

But I put my phone inside anyways… After all, it *IS* a Hello Kitty cover!

The design seemed very functional — big enough hole in the correct placement for the camera to work…

There is just enough room to use the buttons on the side — since the plastic is kind of thick,  I need to use my fingernails (I also have chubby fingers tho)…

Everything is functional on the front too…

After testing it out for a little over a month, I can say I really like my new Hello Kitty iPhone 4S/4 character cover. n___n I am more careful than the average, so if you are kinda on the clumsy-side, this is not recommended. I have not dropped my phone with this case on it (nor do I want to), so I can’t comment on how sturdy the case is with drops.

It is crazy adorable tho, isn’t it!? n_~

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