Hello Kitty Keds Shoes

Sometimes, I wish I was a toddler or maybe, I wish I had a toddler… So I could get these Hello Kitty Keds! Aren’t they adorable!?

The prices range from $30.00 – $44.00… My faves are the red and white polka dotted mary janes and the black and white checkered with sparkly red bows and cute Kitty peeking shoes

Here is the lineup:

Love the big bow Kitty design on this shoe… And it’s pink too! n_n

Black and white checkered pattern with red glittery bow and Kitty-chan peeking over it… What is not adorable about this??? That’s right — nothing! n_~ Oh! The shoe lace even has glitter in it!!

Red polka dots + Hello Kitty + cute enamel bow detail on buckle + mary jane shoes = *winner*winner*

Awww… This would be soooo cuuute for a newborn! @___@

They are available online at Keds and Sanrio (and prolly at select stores).

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  • oh my goodness, those are adorable! Too bad they aren’t for adults. 🙁