Pom Pom Purin Two Seater Sofa!


Oh my! I *L-O-V-E* this Pom Pom Purin couch on Sanrio Japan’s site! @___@

This über cute kawaii two seater sofa is made to order on Sanrio.co.jp… How much is this worth? The site lists it at 178,500.00 JPY (which is about $2,193.65 USD)… $___$ But the cuteness factor is beyond all kawaii, dont’cha think? This is an amazing piece of furniture that would look sooo amazing in my apartment! n___n

The materials used: synthetic leather, cushioning material, plywood, poplar wood… The site suggests it takes about two months to build.

Look at the cute little detail of Purin’s booty…

Awww… Anyone have a few grand they can loan me? n_~

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