Awww… Poor Pink Hello Kitty Bunny Bobblehead

I got a bit of sad news… One of my Hello Kitty bobbleheads got into a little accident and her ear became unattached. x___X So sad because she is part of my Hello Kitty Bobble Crew (not to mention one of my faves from the bunch).

I suppose she got lucky since the ear was broken into just one main piece so hopefully this situation is fixable!

I took a trip down to my local Orchard Supply Hardware and found the Gorilla Glue. It is a tough super glue so we will see…

I am hoping she can be restored to full health — with both ears attached like below!

Please send your positive Hello Kitty vibes this way! n__n

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  • Hello Kitty is such a popular cartoon character and is very liked by so many girls and women all over the world.

  • Lucky Kitty!  good as Glue, i mean New! lol

  • chin pei gan

    Kitty Will be ok…. =)