Sanrio x Re-ment Hello Kitty Candy Mascots Are So Kittilicious


I love getting packages at my door… Especially when I am expecting some cuteness I ordered on eBay — always in the form of Kitty-chan! n_~ I received two re-ment sets on the same day — Hello Kitty Candy Mascot and Hello Kitty Happy Birthday! I finally sorted through my photos and I am so happy to share with you Junkies!

Sometimes, I feel strange that these little Re-ments can bring me so much joy! I definitely agree with the phrase, “good things come in small packages.” And actually… Those are some very fitting words for Re-ment! n___n

I am one happy Kitty when Re-ment and Sanrio release new products! And I freakin’ *LOVE* the creativity and thoughtfulness that goes into designing + molding + producing these miniature items! The details are amazing! @____@

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