Hello Kitty Junkie In Tokyo, Japan, Part 2.5: Kiddy Land, Harajuku


If Tokyo is amazing and Harajuku is a dream… Kiddy Land is a Junkie’s heaven!

I <3 Kiddy Land!

Luckily, *Lina* and I stumbled upon the Grand Opening of Harajuku Kiddy Land (actually, I believe it was a Grand Re-opening and we were there on Friday so we got there just before all the weekend chaos)…

We stood in line for a few minutes to enter the Hello Kitty shop inside Kiddy Land…

And O… M… K… Hello Kitty heaven, isn’t it!?

I immediately pulled out my camera so I can take photos! @___@

Kiddy Land has different sections of brands — you can see the Rilakkuma store right next to the Hello Kitty section!

Ok, so here are some (and by some I mean A LOT) photos that I would love to share with my Junkies! Yes, yours truly is posing in front of the kawaii Hello Kitty wall! I want this graphic in my living room! =^_^=

Stationery galore! Look at all the different designs that are available! Kiddy Land definitely had an amazing selection of every kind of Kitty item you could need!

My Melody and Hello Kitty iPhone 4 cases — chocolate bars — yummy!

Kawaii stickers! @___@ I love the summer theme soooo much! I don’t think I bought this one so I hope I can find it at my fave Sanrio Boutique in Little Tokyo!

Hello Kitty + Okada Momo = kawaii, neh!? n___n

My Mel + Kitty puffy 3d stickers…

Sanrio sticker sheet featuring many of the Sanrio characters!

Oh look! It’s a Pom Pom Purin stamp! And he is dressed in a Kitty outfit! I just checked and he is available on Sanrio.com here.

Do you want Kitty-chan to hold your eyeglasses for you? Sure, no prob! *___*

Hello Kitty sun toys… Solar powered toys where Kitty’s head moves from side to side.

Cute erasers…

And beautiful writing utensils!

Cute pouch… I love the fun and colorful pattern on this!

Sanrio nanoblocks! Did you know there are so many to make??? Kitty-chan, My Mel, Pom Pom Purin, Cinnamoroll, Kuromi, Kiki and Lala… And is that Charmmy Kitty in the middle!? @___@

Stylish accessories series… Love the black, white and pink colorway!

More cute and colorful pouches…

Sanrio Re-ment Hello Kitty cake shop was looking kittilicious!

New Sanrio Re-ment My Melody Ouchi Cafe! And I must admit, this set was so cute — I purchased a complete set! n___n

Gotochi! I should have gotten this one — Hello Kitty as Tokyo Tower — especially since I did go there and it would have been a great souvenir! ^__^

More gotochi cuteness…

Hello Kitty x Evangelion collabo items!

KISS x Hello Kitty — guess what I brought home with me? n_~

Grand Opening promo — it says spend 1000 Japanese Yen and get a cute collectible key… Or something to that effect — I cannot read Japanese. o_O

Plush! Plush! And more plush! I believe the big one on top wanted to go home with me — but I had to tell her I would come back for her on my next trip! n_~

Kittilicious water bottles!

I was surprised by all the snack items that was available at Kiddy Land — from cookies, wafers, biscuits… A lot of variety to choose from! n___n

Beautiful merchandising inside Kiddy Land… I <3 Hello Kitty series…

The walls even had Hello Kitty designs — so kawaii! @___@

This is the Hany Ito x Hello Kitty Wedding Doll which was released in April 2012. Hany Ito, the hottest wedding dress designer around joined forces with Kitty to bring you a simply adorable wedding doll — she is adorable, right? If only I had an extra 18,900.00 JPY = $240.899 USD! $___$

I think these are cute and silly — to place your toilet paper rolls in…

Ooooh-la-la! Hello Kitty fragrance…

Some more fragrance with beautiful packaging…

So many Kitty brushes to choose from! *___*

Kiddy Land also carries other Sanrio cuties, including My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Tuxedosam, Keroppi, Pom Pom Purin…

Kawaii overload, right? I really LOVE Kiddy Land! Beautiful selection of kawaii Kitty things! @___@ And the way the store is merchandised — OMK! Makes me want *everything* in that place! Truly kawaii and amazing!! Actually, if time was no issue, I could have stayed in there for a few hours! *no joke* n___n I hope that if any of my Junkies visit Tokyo, they make sure to plan a visit to Kiddy Land! =^_^=

My next post will be about the main reason I had the opportunity to go to Tokyo… So see ya soon! n_~

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  1. Love the pictures. It makes me want one of everything. Thank you again for sharing. I love reading your blog!

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