JapanLA for Hello Kitty Clothing Launch Party Recap


I went to the launch party for JapanLA for Hello Kitty Clothing last Friday, November 30th — and as usual, it was a kittitastic event! Here are some photos I snapped while I hung out at JapanLA with the cool peeps!

Here is JapanLA — located at 7320 1/2 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046… So much cuteness glowing out of the windows!

The Rogue Grilled Cheese truck was there.

Check out Jenna wearing the Badtz Maru Suspender Denim Skirt — paired nicely with a black tube top… And matching Badtz Maru plush headband — kawaii, neh!? @___@

Here is one of the models wearing the Hello Kitty Face Dress in Red… Super cute!

My kawaii friends Sandy + Julie Doll — these two really are the most kawaii girls ever! @___@ Sandy is sporting the Hello Kitty Comic Leggings and Julie Doll is wearing the Hello Kitty Classic Leggings.

Hello Kitty made an appearance and there was a photobooth! Check out all the photobooth pix at JapanLA for Hello Kitty Clothing Party Photobooth! Stephiee + Julie Doll + Kitty-chan + me + Jamie pose for the camera. *___*

I came pretty early to the party but the store was getting pretty crowded early on in the night…

Here I am with the lovely Julie Doll and Jenna! Can you see the Hello Kitty plush headband on my head? It is available in-store at JapanLA and online at Sanrio.com — should I get it? =^__^=

Hello Kitty Face Dress in Black –so hot, right?

Check out Chrissa and her bf! Chrissa is wearing the Hello Kitty Afro Leggings… And she is adorable as always!

Some of my faves from the collection… Actually, I adore every piece in this collection!

Before I left to go to a girls’ night out dinner + dancing fun, I saw a really cute guest wearing a red bow — had to take a picture and share with my Junkies!

During my girls’ night out, I got a lot of compliments on my Hello Kitty Face Dress in Red! From both guys and girls! When I got home, I had to take a Myspace style angled bathroom pic… Because I really LOVE this dress — it’s pretty + flattering + I felt comfy in it. =^_^=

The clothing is currently available on www.japanla.com! Other stores this kittilicious collection is available in: www.Sanrio.com  & select Sanrio Boutiques, www.Modcloth.com ,Happy Six!

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