Added to My Kittilicious Collection: Sanrio Re-ment Hello Kitty Hoka Hoka Shokudo Retro Diner Set


It is impossible for me to resist the Sanrio Sanrio Re-ment sets — especially when it coms to food themes! The latest set to become a part of my kittilicious collection is the Hello Kitty Hoka Hoka Shokudo Retro Diner set! It was released in October of this year.

As with all of the kawaii Sanrio Re-ments, I adore this set! A lot, a lot!! Check out these photos so you can fall in love with them and pretend that you will one day have life-size kittilicious dinnerwear and food as adorable as these miniatures!  I mean, that’s what I always daydream about… Anyone else with me on this? n_~

Oh! And I know for a fact that there is an extremely cute Sanrio Re-ment coming out soon! It is not posted on Re-ment’s site but if you are lucky enough to know Ms. Pinky Meow, she always has the Hello Kitty related info before it is published on the official site! She is obviously a dedicated Junkie! The next set is lovely and it looks like I will need the set in my collection!

Stay tuned because I will post info  as soon as Re-ment publishes beautiful product photos online! n_~

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