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Thanks to my FB friend Jennifer, I was introduced to Hello Kitty Kawaii Town about two weeks ago… I’ve been kinda hooked ever since!


This game reminds me of HKO but on a smaller scale. The goal is to create a town with Hello Kitty — make it super cute with special items from the store. Build shops, collect money, fill your garden with lovely flowers, and produce your own Kawaii Town. ^___^

The prettier the town becomes, the more Sanrio characters will come out and play — like Keroppi, Badtz Maru, Monkichi, Cinnamoroll, Tuxedosam, etc. This game is rated 4+ but I am actually really enjoying it! n___n Here are some screenshots from the iPhone/iPad app:






I named my Kawaii Town “Kittyville.” When I first started playing, I was not quite sure what I was doing. Here is how Kittyville was looking like about two weeks ago…


Since I connected this game with my FB account, I was able to see my FB friends who are also playing Hello Kitty Kawaii Town. I have several friends who are playing — and they were all advanced on levels so I got to see how they built their Kawaii Town and I was inspired to re-design and make it the most cutest town I could!



The Kawaii Town of Matcha belongs to fellow Junkie and kittilicious friend *Jaime* — Look how cute her town is! @___@ She has higher levels of the toy shop, cake shop, Purin pudding shop… And she even has the post office (it costs 15 kawaii tickets)!


Here is the progress of my Kittyville after studying Jaime’s Matcha… I tried to level up certain buildings that I could.



During game play, the characters walk around and go to different shops. If you see a speech bubble with a question mark in it, you can touch it to see what they say. The characters have different sayings (although Kiki and LaLa of the Little Twin Stars may say the same thing… Something about them being happy they were born on the day that everybody else is happy *Christmas Eve*)


I really want to level up on my toy shop — but I am saving my kawaii tickets for a post office!


During game play, you can also tap on each character — and each one has an animation that is personalized! My fave animation is Badtz Maru’s! He is so silly — lol n___n


Awww… As you can see, I currently have 12 kawaii tickets — 3 more to go!


I am also looking forward to reaching level 15 so I can build a darts cafe in my Kittyville.


I am still checking in every few hours to tend to my crops and collect money from the shops…


There is an easier way to get kawaii tickets — you can actually purchase with actual money! 8 Kawaii Tickets will cost you $0.99; 25 Kawaii Tickets for $2.99; 50 Kawaii Tickets for $4.99… All the way up to 2,000 Kawaii Tickets for $99.99! But you do not need to purchase in order to play!

Hello Kitty Kawaii Town is a very cute + fun game made by Kansai Telecasting Corporation and you can download it here. I highly recommend to the Junkies who have an iPhone/iPad — easy to play and definitely fun to build a cute town. And this game is also a nice intro to Hello Kitty World, which is another iPhone game that I am currently obsessed over! *___*

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