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While playing Hello Kitty Kawaii Town, I was introduced to Hello Kitty World… And thanks to fellow Junkie Evelyn — I am hooked! @___@

At first, this game was a little intimidating — mostly because there are a lot more things to build and buy than Hello Kitty Kawaii Town. Hello Kitty World also reminds me of HKO — no gardening here, instead, building attractions and shops and collecting hearts and money to keep the amusement park going!

This game is super creative and fun! It features many of the Sanrio cuties and there are kawaii rides/games/shops that are personalized to many of the popular characters! The game is rated 4+ but I believe Hello Kitty World is a bit more complicated than Hello Kitty Kawaii Town. And it is free — so go ahead and download it! n__~

Here are screenshots from the game:






Here are some of the tasks you are required to do — when you complete them you receive coins or hearts! Some of the tasks are on-going — for example, if you tap Hello Kitty to get coins 25 times, after you complete the task, you receive a prize of coins and you are able to tap her another 25 times to get more coins!


The animation in this game is very kawaii! I think it is so cute how the amusement park goers like to crowd around Kitty-chan! Sometimes, they even follow her in a line! n__n It’s also cool that they have the stuff that is being sold in the shops — like Kitty’s bow, Chococat’s headband, Cinnamoroll balloon, etc… These items that are sold in the shops can also be found on the ground sometimes. If you pick it up, you get some coins or hearts — both in your amusement park and when you visit a friends!


Below is a screenshot of one of my IG friend HK Dexter’s amusement park! Look at how full her park is! @___@ It’s fun to visit friends’ parks to see what they are doing and you can also leave gifts for them… And it’s a great surprise when you receive a gift from your friends! n___n


Ahhh! Goropikadon hats stand and Goropikadon trampoline! I was excited to place these in my park!! And check out the girl who is wearing a Goropikadon hat! Kawaii, neh? n_~ (click image for larger size).


Chococat is a hit at my park too… Here is a crowd that was following him near Ahiru No Pekkle’s giant boat! (click image for larger size).


I still have a very long ways to go… I am considering spending actual money to play this game. The Magic Apples are a little hard to come by and certain attractions require many Magic Apples. You can purchase: 50 Magic Apples for $4.99; 130 Magic Apples for $9.99; 380 Magic Apples for $24.99; 900 Magic Apples for $49.99; and 2,300 Magic Apples for $99.99. I went through the Hello Kitty House on the bottom right corner (store) to see how many Magic Apples I may need to buy everything I wanted… About 2,000! $___$

I will probably purchase 50 Magic Apples and see how that goes. Remember, you do not need to purchase anything to play Hello Kitty World! You just have to go without having some super cute items in your theme park.

Here is how my park is looking so far (click image for larger size):


If you want to check out this game, download it on iTunes and if you enter my invitation ID when starting the app, we will both get a bonus! *___*

My invitation ID is 0386-2495 — my Game Center id is kttymaria — add me if you want to be friends. I will be sure to visit your amusement park and leave you a gift when I can! n_~

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  1. Ok I dont understand what a r e the hearts for? They cant be used to buy anything at all n why do I still wanna waste apples buying hearts? It puzzles me

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